Factors Why People Smoke Shisha

Factors Why People Smoke Shisha

A while back, I saw this news regarding a kid who smokes and he is only two years old. No one should even smoke at such a young age. The kid’s father taught him how to smoke and he is not even aware how serious it is to when it comes to the health of the kid.

Believe it or not smoking is a part of any culture. There are millions of smokers throughout the world, who are not even aware of the harmful effects of smoking to their own body or even to others. I always asked myself, “Why do people smoke?” Whatever the type of smokes one prefers, one should be very aware of the implications of their choice.

Shisha smoking is growing popularity around the world but experts say that every single of shisha session are equivalent to 200 sticks of cigarettes. Despite the serious effects of shisha smoking to one’s health, many are fine with it. Some even say that they can’t live without taking a puff of smoke. Smoking is an addictive drug in more ways than one.

Here are some reasons why people smoke shisha:

Young people want to look mature; they want to be in the circle of friends or even as an experiment. Since young people watch older people smoke everywhere, they think it is good and even cool. Seeing family members smoke nudges these easily-influenced younger generations.

Most people smoke for reasons such as stress and pressure because of work or problem. They may be unemployed or unsatisfied with their work. And still others might be dealing with difficult relationships and smoking gets the pressure off their system, without accounting the health implications of their actions.

There are people who smoke shisha because they want to control their weight. Some people want to lose weight and they think that a way of losing weight is through smoking. People who smoke loses appetite as it lessen the taste and smell when it comes to food.

Smokers feel relaxed and think that smoking gives them energy at stressful times in life.

But despite these reasons we cannot deny the fact that smoking shisha is a dangerous gamble to your health.  It has been scientifically proven that smoking leads to different kinds of diseases such as lung cancer, halitosis, tuberculosis and many others. Shisha smoking has accounted for numerous deaths throughout history.

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