Emergency appointment with my doctor helped me quit shisha

Emergency appointment with my doctor helped me quit shisha

I started smoking Shisha couple of years ago to socialize with friends. At that time I thought that Shisha’s a lot better than smoking Cigarettes and hardly has any health hazards. First I only use to smoke occasionally when I went out with friends to Shisha Cafes but soon after I decided to buy my own Shisha for home as found the different Tobacco flavours really enjoyable to smoke.

Once I had my own shisha I started smoking a lot more frequently like every other day. I would look forward to coming home after a long day and relaxing with with my shisha pipe while watching my favorite programs on TV. This was my routine for about two weeks and then I started noticing my health dropping considerably. My family would tell me in the mornings that I was coughing really loud all night long but at first I thought it cant be that bad and still carried on smoking. I would get tired really quickly and would run out of breath just walking up the stairs. When normally I could run up and down the stairs fifty times before being out of breath. Slowly my cough got really loud and chesty. I did stop smoking as soon as I realised that my health’s getting a lot worse but I admit it was a bit late.

I made an emergency appointment with my doctor and got a right lecture when I made the mistake of telling my doctor that I’ve been smoking Shisha. I was prescribed antibiotic for my cough and chest infection. My cough was so loud and persistent that I was housebound for two weeks and was off sick from work. The two weeks felt like two years not being able to do anything and being off work for so long had a negative impact on my sick record. As I was working through an agency and was not on a permanent contract I was very close to loosing my job but after getting the union involved my job was saved.

I have since completely given up smoking shisha and would advise everyone else to do the same but before going through everything I went through. My life is a lot healthier physically and spiritually.

Good luck to all friends out there trying to come away from this bad bad “socializing” trap.

“Health is not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing.”

Best wishes,


x-Shisha Smoker

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