Social Effects of Shisha

Social Effects of Shisha

social-effects-of-shishaThe rampant appearance of Shisha in different places is a sign that more and more people tried to have a Shisha experience. Whatever are the reason of the new recruit and the continued patronage of a veteran user; there actions have social effects. These social effects can create a big impact to the lives of the different kinds of people involved. The social effects of Shisha include the different vital circle of life: in the family and friends, in finding romance, in the application of job, and in public places. Humans are social being; we cannot live alone.

1.Effects to Family and Friends

People that are having a Shisha session at home can have a place, where Shisha smoke will be all over the room. In this case, family and friends that are a non-smoker of Shisha and do not like the smell of the Shisha smoke will avoid visiting the residence of a Shisha smokers. Thus, driving their family and friends away to socialise with them, this will result into a severed relationship in the long run.

Another effect of Shisha is the ability of the user to have a lower ability to smell and taste. The toxins and tar in the tobacco can dull the taste bud which can lead to a reduced enjoyment of food, so going out to eat with friends or enjoying someone’s cooking is less fun. Making the Shisha smoker, more of a friend that is less enjoyable to be around with.

2.Effects to Potential Mate

Finding romance with potential partner is less successful. Shisha smoking can have an effect of wrinkled skin and may appear physically less attractive due to the decrease in blood supply that happens to the body. This makes smokers look older than they are. If after a Shisha session and the user decided in going out on a date, the smoke will be all over the Shisha user making the clothes smell bad. Many people don’t like the smell of smokers, and some are even allergic to the smoke and will keep their distance.

Shisha smoking can interfere with sex life. Not only does Shisha smoking make smokers less attractive to others, it can also interfere with relationships later in life. Smoking can cause sexual dysfunction in males, and in females it can cause reduced fertility, miscarriage, and increased risk of losing babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

It should also be noted that, Shisha smoking can increased risk of transmitting contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, herpes, hepatitis, and other illnesses. This makes other people avoid having a relationship with a Shisha user.

3.Effects to Job Opportunities

One of the long-term consequences of smoking Shisha is increased dependency. In which if a user cannot stop smoking even for a moment before a job interview, smokers can experience struggle in finding suitable job employment. It may be harder to make a good impression when smokers look for a job because of the smell of smoke in their body. If faced with a selection of candidates, some of whom smoke and some that don’t; the employer, armed with the knowledge that 34,000,000 working days are lost each year due to smoking related sickness, are more likely to choose the non-smoker. Don’t go thinking that this is discriminatory, because addicted or not, there is always a choice as to whether smoke Shisha or not.

4.Effects to Places with Smoking Ban

If you are not legally allowed to smoke Shisha, smoking may also get you in trouble at school, at home, or with the police. Most non-smokers don’t want to be around smokers, especially if they are allergic to smoke, or are pregnant, or have young children.

Shisha smoking can have an impact to everything in our life from overall health to daily activities, and even to the relationships of the user. When it comes to relationships, smoking can be a major deterrent to non-smokers. So when you next feel tempted to smoke Shisha, or invited to try one; think again. By not smoking we can enjoy every aspects of our life. By living healthy we can enjoy our time with our families, have bonding with our friends, and find great relationship and not a nuisance to our fellow human being.

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