Four Powerful Keys To Quit The Habit of Shisha Smoking

Four Powerful Keys To Quit The Habit of Shisha Smoking

The habit of shisha smoking has always been considered as a bad habit. There are numerous ways to quit and there are a more than a hundred reasons to say good bye to the shisha pipe and yet, you allow yourself the leisure of ignoring the facts.

Perhaps you have tried everything to no avail and you have quit and have gone back again to the nasty shisha smoking habit. You would really like to stop but unfortunately, the lure of habit is very hard to break.

Are you truly ready to quit the habit of shisha smoking? Here are four powerful keys to help you be on your way to break free from shisha smoking.

1.    The lure of the bad. When you were growing up, do you remember when your elders tell you not to – the more enticing that becomes? Saying to yourself don’t smoke, stop smoking shisha… the more you are telling your mind to do so. Ironic as it maybe, the reason to stop should outweigh these bad lures.
2.    Putting it in the mind. The more you think about quiting – the more you are likely to be doing the habit. It is like when you often remember bad memories; the more likely it is you will have a nightmare of those bad memories. Saying “don’t think of smoking shisha” makes you want to smoke shisha even more. It would be better to replace this with another alternative activity or thought rather than thinking you won’t smoke.
3.    The right way to take the candy from a baby. As it goes, you can’t just take a candy from a baby without making the baby cry out. This goes the same with saying bye-bye to your shisha pipe. It leave a gaping hole that you simply cannot just ignore – leaving you a feeling of emptiness.
4.    Mind what you say, both outside and inside. The psychology of hypnotherapy applies to what you say to others as well as what you say to yourself. When your inner self talks in the debate to quit the nasty habit of shisha smoking, a battle with the mind ensues. Your brain does not work that way as to understand “Stop smoking” or “Don’t smoke shisha” – it would simply filter out the “stop” and the “don’t” and what do you get left? “Smoke.” So saying something in negation does not support your drive to quit the habit.

Simply knowing these keys are not enough; it is really up to you do find the true resolve to break free and end the bad habit of shisha smoking.

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  1. Unlike a quick cigarette drag, smoking a water pipe is a lengthy and languorous process. Humidified smoke eases throat dryness, encouraging longer shisha sessions. And it’s a social smoke: most light up with friends at special shisha lounges or smoke-friendly cafes.

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