Ways To Quit Shisha / Hookah

Ways To Quit Shisha / Hookah

Perhaps you have realized that you need new ways to stay healthy and quit shisha smoking.  And you think you are ready to start right now.  But where do you begin?

Even if you have been smoking shisha for quite a long time, it’s never too late. Here are some helpful tips for you to begin making some changes and quit shisha smoking.

Get some physical activities.

quit-shisha-sportsPhysical activities are very important to help you quit shisha smoking.  It stimulates your brain to produce endorphins, giving you pleasure and a sense of well-being.  So, the more active you are, the better you will feel and forget about shisha.  But first, you need to talk to your physician if you have some health concerns and what physical activities you should indulge.

Exercise.  Shisha smokers are more likely to quit shisha smoking if they engage in exercise.  Aside from making muscles and bones strong, it also reduces stress, increases stamina, improves health, improves attitude and disposition, improves sleep, and increases self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Sports. Playing sports keep you away from smoking shisha.  It works your body hard and the last thing in your mind after an exhausting game is to rest. The more you play sports, the lesser the time you have for shisha smoking.

Houseworks.  If you’re not allowed for some exercise and sports, the best way to keep you active and moving is doing houseworks.  Doing your household chores at a strong, steady pace is also very helpful for you to quit shisha smoking.

Get support from others.

quit-shisha-helpAside from family and friends, talking to other people will give you additional support.  It will also help you find answers to your questions to help you quit shisha smoking for good.

Support group. Talking to your family and friends provides you enough support. However, joining a support group with similar smoking concern is much helpful especially in providing useful tips to quit smoking shisha. This group of people knows the difficulties of quitting smoking and can share their own personal experiences.

Online forums. Joining quit-smoking online forums will help you meet people from all over the world who are now quitting smoking just like you.  Some online forums provide you with support through a journaling service, while others provide you the motivation for a tobacco-free life through information from experiences of ex-smokers.

Counseling.  It can be in person, online or via telephone.  Counseling is very helpful in making you understand and deal with the emotional reasons behind smoking shisha.  It also helps you divert your need for smoking shisha to other positive ways.

Remove smoking triggers.

Smoking triggers may vary from one smoker to another.  It is best to know which trigger your urge to smoke shisha to be able to make a plan for dealing with it.

Social functions. No need to avoid parties and other social gatherings.  Just make sure you don’t go near to friends who smoke shisha.  Or, if shisha smoking session begins, you can either stay outside for some fresh air or ask permission to go home ahead.

Friends who smoke.  Avoid friends who smoke shisha for a while.  Try talking to them that you quit smoking shisha and ask them not to smoke when you’re around.

Stressful situations.  Look for ways to make you relax and feel good.  Treat yourself with a very relaxing massage or maybe a hot shower will do.

Boredom.  Keep yourself busy. You can take a short walk or try a new hobby.

Have a good diet.

quit-shisha-healthy-foodA good diet will not only keep you a steady supply of energy but also makes you feel better and keeps you relax.  Eating the right kind of food is very important to help you quit shisha smoking.

Vegetables. Broccoli, peppermint, spinach and other vegetables high in magnesium have a relaxing effect on the body and helps you more focused.

Dairy foods.  Milk, eggs and other dairy foods are high in tryptophan, a compound which help in the production of serotonin.  Serotonin is known to induce a calming effect and can help with depression.

Fruits.  Oranges, guava, mangoes, pineapple, papaya and bananas are rich in vitamin c, which help in converting tryptophan into serotonin, thus keeping you calm and relax.

Establish the right attitude.

Determination. Deciding what’s best for your health is vital to achieve a tobacco-free life.  And whatever reasons you have for quitting shisha smoking, you must be determined to stick to your plan for a healthier life.

Patience. Quitting shisha smoking is not easy.  The idea of quitting alone is very stressful.  Give yourself some time and take each day as it comes.  Always remember that all these discomforts of quitting shisha smoking are temporary.  And at the end, it’s you who will benefit the most.

Positive thinking. Always remember that if others can do it, so can you.  Positive thinking is very important to help you quit shisha smoking. Squash negative thoughts and think positive.

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