Benefits of stopping Shisha Smoke

Benefits of stopping Shisha Smoke

There can be many ways to learn how to quit smoking Shisha. You will surprise yourself as you read through, that it takes only a shift of mind-setting and you can finally quit smoking Shisha for good. As they say there are three kinds of people when it comes to eating their cakes with icing on top of it. One, when given a cake with icing to eat, some people save the best for last; and so they first eat the cake and then the icing. These types of people are individual who like to do the hard work and enjoy later. The second types of people are those people who like to eat their icing before their cakes. People of this type are people who like to enjoy first and later do the hard work. The third person is the type of individual who eat their cakes and at the same time with the icing on it. These people are taking one day at a time doing the hard work and giving themselves rewards to enjoy today and strive to be better tomorrow.

People who decided to quit smoking Shisha can be the third person who’s an eater of cake with an icing on top of it. The icing is the reward. In this article, here you will learn a method, on how to quit smoking Shisha through thinking the rewards you can give yourself. What are the different kinds of reward available and waiting for you to
materialise? Read to know more about these 4 rewards!

4 Rewards You Can Get from Quitting Smoking Shisha.

1. Improved health

  • The ability to breathe freely and be more physically active.
  • Breath smells better.
  • Bad smelling clothes and hair go away.
  • Food tastes better.
  • Sense of smell returns to normal.
  • Everyday activities no longer leave them out of breath (such as climbing stairs or light housework).
  • No more smoking outside in the noisy Shisha bar.
  • Ability to take part in social engagements without having to leave for a Shisha session.
  • Flying, going to the theatre and other events without going through nicotine withdrawal.
  • Freedom from smoking Shisha.
  • The joy of stating, “I am a non-Shisha smoker,” especially when asked during a health screening exam.
  • Being a positive role model for children, grandchildren and other young people in your life.

2. Financial gain

Women list to do rewards:

  • Get yourself the facial or spa treatment that you’ve always wanted
  • Buy that new dress you’ve had your eye on for the last three months
  • Buy those killer shoes you envy so much
  • Book yourself a vacation to someplace warm and tropical
  • It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it is a treat you enjoy immensely and. fully

Men List to do rewards:

  • Spend the funds by going to a sporting event
  • Buy that big bike you dreamed of
  • Buy yourself some new tools for the workshop
  • Take your wife away for a romantic weekend away in her favorite city
  • Who knows, you may just end up being doubly rewarded

3. Stress-relieving Rewards

Even if you have only been Shisha smoke free for a week or so, giving yourself little rewards can help ward off those cravings to light up. Ex-smokers are more inclined to start smoking Shisha again when they’re stressed out. So try stress-relieving rewards.

  • Take a bubble bath at night
  • Take a walk from a few blocks away from home
  • Let yourself take that nap when you have a chance

4. Try Something New

A great reward for quitting smoking Shiusha is trying something you could not have done as a smoker. Physical activity is a fantastic option because it’s challenging and can take your mind off smoking Shisha. You’ll find all of these activities can get you’re mind off smoking while also giving you something to do with all that extra energy you have now that you’ve quit smoking Shisha. Exercise reduces cravings.  For more adventure, try the following.

  • Yoga
  •  Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Join a marathon

Bonus Tip: Don’t be fooled. Don’t smoke “just one”

People who have quit may be tempted to reward themselves with a Shisha session at the end of a hard day. However, “just one” Shisha session often turns into several and can reignite old cravings. If you ever find yourself having an intense craving to smoke Shisha again, remind yourself of all your hard work and find someway to occupy yourself without smoking Shisha.

What you’re doing is not easy, so you deserve a reward. Put the money you would have spent on Shisha smoking in a jar every day and then buy yourself a weekly treat. You can also reward yourself in ways that don’t cost money: visit a park, go to the library, and check local news listings for museums, community center, and colleges that have free classes, exhibits, films, and other things to do.

Kicking the smoking Shisha habit offers some benefits that you’ll notice right away and some that will develop over time. These rewards can improve most peoples’ day-to-day lives a great deal. So, now that the things that you will encounter in quitting smoking Shisha; are not that entirely gloomy after all. Think about all these rewards. These are fun way in looking forward to your future that is full of vibrant and a healthy you. Make that effort now and reap all rewards!

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