The Importance of Quitting from Smoking Shisha

The Importance of Quitting from Smoking Shisha

Each year, thousands of people die due to illnesses that are developed from smoking shisha. In fact, smoking-related ailments account for the largest number of preventable causes of death throughout the world.

It easy to say quit smoking for someone who does not smoke, but for smokers, it is hard to quit. But perhaps, they have not even thought of quitting?
To enlighten the smokers, here are some of the benefits of quitting from smoking shisha:

• Embarrassment can be avoided if you quit from smoking shisha. Lots of non–smokers dislike the smell of smoke, note the polite coughs and the clearing of throats by non-smokers who don’t believe you should be smoking either. An immediate result when you quit is we get rid of the smell – both the smoking-smell and the post-smoking smells. It is noted that the smell of smoke, like any smoke, clings to clothes as well as stains teeth and causes bad breath. It is also the culprit of making the dominant holding-fingers yellow and smoked-smelling. This can be unnoticeable to someone who smokes, but is a bother for others who do not smoke.

• A person who quits smoking shisha will eventually have a normal pulse rate and blood pressure reading with noticeable effects in just a day after stopping. And the levels of carbon monoxide in the ex-smoker’s blood stream will go back to the normal range; elimination of smoker’s breath is an added bonus when one quits.

• If you quit from smoking shisha you will free from many diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis heart diseases and other diseases coming from smoking shisha. No matter how much or how long you’ve smoked, when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease and stroke starts to drop. In time your risk will be about the same as if you’d never smoked.

No matter how much or how long you’ve smoked, when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease and stroke starts to drop. If you smoke, you have good reason to worry about its effect on your health, your loved ones and others. When you quit, you reduce that risk tremendously.

If you quit smoke you can also save money, why? It is because instead of buying shisha or hookah, you can now keep your money and use your money in useful ways. This is a benefit on the side of abandoning your old habit. You can also save your life because you are set free from illnesses caused by smoking.

Significant other effects include: burning up 200 calories in a day, increasing body metabolism, and suppresses appetite. When you quit smoking, a gain weight between 5 and 10 pounds during the first few months of cessation is normal.

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