Your Doctors’ Help When You Quit Smoking Shisha

Your Doctors’ Help When You Quit Smoking Shisha

We know that deciding and acting to end smoking shisha is not easy, especially if it has been a part of your lifestyle. In the start, you think and imagine what would be outcome; what would you do with that empty feeling left when you stop smoking? When one tries to quit smoking and find it difficult, he may seek the assistance of a doctor. This is to prepare yourself and your body to whatever may happen when you finally decide to act on quitting the habit of smoking shisha.

When you’re ready to get serious in your decision of quitting shisha smoking, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. If you haven’t had a physical recently, now is the time to have one. Your doctor can help you develop a helpful plan for quitting and will ask you to pick a final quit date. Your doctor may give you medication and prepare your environment for quitting. This includes preparing your home for your effort by getting rid of smoking temptation such as remaining water pipes and other paraphernalia for shisha smoking. Your doctor may ask you to change your daily routine. For example, if you always smoke after you drink your morning coffee, you may want to drink something else such as water, juice, or tea.

Talk with your doctor which is the best method appropriate for your shisha quitting plan, depending on what other medical conditions you may have and what other medications you are currently taking. If you are ready to start a healthy lifestyle, try also to improve your diet. Besides weight management, eating right will help you refresh and regain antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help flush toxins from your system.  Keep healthy foods handy in your refrigerator such as fruits and vegetables, for you to take in when you are tempted to smoke.

We know that there are also effects when you quit smoking shisha such as mental health, as it is linked with anxiety and depression. Deciding to quit smoking shisha is a quick and easy thing; it may take a month or even a year or more to truly succeed.

Patience and perseverance are keys to achieve success in the movement to quit smoking shisha. And with the doctors’ help and medical advice, anyone can stop now before illness and other health issues ensue in one’s life.

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  1. In recent years, shisha smoking has become popular in many places, from Pakistan to London. Smoking shisha involves inhaling the smoke of a fruit-scented tobacco mixture from a water pipe. Many people view it as an alternative to hard drugs and believe it is a harmless way to smoke and socialize, according to an article by the United Nations’ Humanitarian News and Analysis (IRIN). Doctors warn, however, that shisha smoking is worse than smoking cigarettes.

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