Top 3 Reasons to Quit Smoking Shisha

Top 3 Reasons to Quit Smoking Shisha

rsz_dreamstime_s_12312649You might have thought that smoking the hookah is fairly safer or even healthier than smoking cigarettes. With the herbal concoctions attracting smokers to take up the shisha, most just lead to believe that it is healthier — but this is a grave misunderstanding as this would only lead to deeper addiction to smoking shisha.

If you are sitting the fence and thinking if you are going to quit or not, here are the top three reasons to finally quit the habit of shisha smoking.

  • » Avoid the risk of cancers. Lung cancer, stomach cancer, oral cancer and other smoke-related cancers can easily be avoided when you avoid smoking the shisha pipe. According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) smoking from a shisha pipe is at least as toxic as cigarette, which is often a grave mistake by those who switch from smoking cigarettes to the hookah. Leave the smoking habit altogether so as to avoid these serious risks for your health.
  • » No wasteful spending. Think about how much burning the shisha pipe costs you up to now? Imagine if you could have invested that amount in other worthwhile and profitable endeavours. It’s not just the financial spending you can save up; you can save up on the time you waste on shisha smoking. There are better ways to spend your time, rather than taking up your hookah for unhealthy smoking.
  • » Live longer. When you stay away from the hookah, you are extending your life by 10 years more from the age of 30. Even people who smoke and stop at the later age of 60 can extend their lifespan by 3 or more years. This act also increases your over-all change of living a disease-free and happier life.

There can never be enough reasons to list why you should stop smoking shisha but these three lead the rest of the ever-growing reasons to start today. Do not wait for tomorrow to start. Decide now and quit the unhealthy habit of shisha smoking.


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  1. there is no easy solution to quitting the habit plenty of support is needed and a little help along the way to start to feel healthier and certainly wealthier

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