Motivation to Quit Smoking Shisha

Motivation to Quit Smoking Shisha

We all know that smoking is dangerous to our health. We also know that quitting from smoking is probably one of the toughest things that smokers can do. Every smoker has some negative feelings, such as stress, depression or loneliness. And whenever they smoke shisha or cigarette they feel that every negative feelings they have easily disappears. But this effect is temporary and lasts only a few moments and smoking doesn’t heal their negative emotions. Sometimes smokers need motivation to quit.

Here is a list of motivation points to help you cease your smoking:

  • If you have friends or family members who become successful in smoking cessation, then make them as your model. Try to seek their help on how to be successful from quitting smoking.
  • Choose a good time to quit and avoid big social occasions where people might tempt you to smoke.
  • Set yourself boundaries and avoid people, places or situations which will incline you to smoke. Set yourself small targets or short term goals and stick to them.
  • Keep yourself busy. Focus yourself on your day to day tasks.
  • Replace your smoking habit with a healthy one. Keep active and exercise regularly to keep you healthy which will help you remain focused and also help you in successfully quiting.
  • Don’t keep smoking paraphernalia such as ash trays for cigarettes or water pipes for shisha; instead throw these things or better to burn them so as not to tempt you to use these again.
  • Understand what you gain and what you lose when you stop smoking. Weigh these and consider the overall and long term effects, especially to your health.
  • Finally, the most important thing is to help your own self from smoking again. Call it willpower, but your decision to quit smoking can make or break the bad habit.

We all know that quiting from smoking is hard and the most important thing to consider is your willingness to quit from your bad habit. Giving up smoking is one way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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