Quitting Tools

Quitting Tools

The Smoke free Web site includes a variety of interactive tools to help you quit smoking.

Get more free resources
For cutting-edge, evidence-based tools designed to help specific audiences quit smoking and remain smoke free, look no further.

Put a stop to smoky thinking
If you are giving yourself a reason to smoke, you are probably experiencing an attack of smoky thinking.

Discover your reasons for quitting
They can remind you why you want to stop smoking.

Be aware of your smoking triggers
Decide now how you will cope with them when they come up.

Use the Craving Journal
If you know when you are tempted to smoke, you can plan for how to deal with the urge before it hits.

Take a quiz
The Smoke free quizzes can help you learn about a variety of topics:

Find out how much you can save when you quit smoking
Use our online savings calculator to find out how much you can save.

Determine which quit smoking method is best for you External link disclaimer
You have many choices to help you quit smoking. Compare your options.

Use the medication guide
This medication guide will provide you with a general understanding of the current medications used by smokers who are trying to quit.

Learn about smoking in your state
Learn about smoking in your state using our interactive map

Find a study near you
View all active smoking cessation research studies on Clinicaltrials.gov.

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