E-Shisha vs Traditional Shisha

E-Shisha vs Traditional Shisha

Shisha is one of the most popular social trends of recent years, especially in cities with a buzzing nightlife. Even smaller towns now have one of two Shisha bars where people can meet up and smoke Shisha as often as they like. For those who aren’t aware, Shisha is a flavoured tobacco, usually mixed with charcoal, which is filtered through water in a pipe. This filtration is believed to give Shisha (also known as Hookah) its unique taste and flavour. The waterpipe and tobacco usually last for over an hour and users are subjected to massive amounts of smoke and toxins. The number of Shisha bars seems to be increasing and this is a troubling statistic, especially since it’s far more dangerous than cigarette smoke.

E-Shisha is a bit different but follows the same principle as real Shisha
E-Shisha is the electronic form of traditional Hookah, with the main difference being that it lacks any tobacco or smoke. E-Shisha has been likened to e-cigarettes in this respect, particularly since they both contain nicotine cartridges and come in a variety of flavours. E-Shisha tends to come as a disposable product but there are some refillable versions on the market. One of the biggest differences between electronic Shisha and e-cigs is that the former produces much more “smoke” and gives more intense flavours. This isn’t real smoke though; instead it’s water vapour that is created using the device’s internal cartridge and battery. The battery heats up the e-liquid and produces vapour, which the user can inhale and exhale in the same way they would with real Shisha.

Electronic versions of anything will never be as good as the real thing
Just as electronic cigarettes aren’t the same as real cigs, E-Shisha isn’t as good as traditional Hookah. Nobody can argue with that statement, however, real Shisha is extremely dangerous for your health, far more dangerous than any other tobacco product. The reason for this is that Shisha is mixed with charcoal and other chemicals to give it flavour and increase the amount of smoke.
Another one of the biggest benefits of E-Shisha over Hookah is that it can be used in places where tobacco is restricted, namely indoor public areas. They can even be used on trains, buses and in cafes in most countries.

Traditional Shisha has some health concerns that might put some people off
Since Shisha is produced using a mixture of tobacco, charcoal and some additives to give it flavour, it also contains massive amounts of undesirable toxins. The tobacco present in Shisha is much the same as that found in cigarettes, except the addition of charcoal makes it even more hazardous than regular tobacco. Some believe that since it passes through water it’s safer than regular smoke; however, this is completely spurious. Another noteworthy point about Shisha is that the amount of smoke produced in one session is far greater than any cigarette gives, with 600 puffs (cigarette equivalent) being typical for a one hour Shisha session. This would be the equivalent of smoking two packets of cigarettes in one go!

The increasing popularity of Hookah is worrying
Almost every major city now has at least one Shisha bar and that’s a worrying statistic. Lots of people think that since the tobacco is filtered through water it’s safer than cigarette smoke. This is completely untrue and it’s time that more people were educated about this. It’s even more worrying that the smoke consumed in one session is far greater than cigarette smoke will EVER give. The addition of charcoal and other additives to produce flavour makes Shisha one of the most hazardous recreations of the modern era.

E-Shisha might not be the same as the real thing, but it has some advantages. 
The health problems associated with Hookah are troubling but it’s safe to assume that lots of users aren’t aware of these dangers. Some governments are recognizing the legal loophole that permits Shisha bars to exist, namely because the tobacco is filtered through water. However, as discovered that does nothing to the smoke as far as toxins goes. They travel through water just as easily as they travel through smoke. Although there haven’t been any conclusive studies, it is widely accepted that E-Shisha contains fewer harmful compounds than traditional shisha.


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