The e-hookah 101: A guide to electronic hookah

The e-hookah 101: A guide to electronic hookah

While electronic cigarettes are a fairly popular trend nowadays, especially among younger people, e-hookah (also known as electronic shisha pen or stick) is a relatively new product that doesn’t yet have a critical mass of regular users. The lack of knowledge about e-hookah is probably the main reason why most people choose to continue smoking traditional shisha (and risk plenty of serious health problems while doing that), so we’ve put together this short guide just in case you were wondering what e-hookah exactly is, how it’s used, and why it might be a better choice for smokers than smoking the traditional water-pipe we all know so well.

How does it look? Have you ever seen an e-cigarette? If you have, imagine a slightly larger, more colourful version of it and you’ll have a picture of e-hookah in your mind. It’s similar to a thicker sharpie marker in size, and the feeling of smoking it is not very much different from smoking your usual cigarette.

How does it work? A standard e-hookah consists of a battery, an atomizer (a heating device), and a fluid known as e-liquid which provides the smoke and the flavour. It usually doesn’t have to be turned on and works just like a standard cigarette: when you start inhaling, the atomizer heats up the e-liquid and almost instantly provides a vapour which can be breathed in.

What are the ingredients? There are four main ingredients found in most e-liquids: water, fruit flavouring, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. It is important to note though that no tests have taken place on the safety of inhaling those compounds. The flavouring is mainly made from herbs, so they lack a majority of the harmful chemicals that are found in regular shisha.

Can I choose a flavour? Yes. You can pick one from a wide array of flavours, so you can still smoke the same one you’ve always liked for your traditional shisha. The specific range depends on the manufacturer, but you should find most of the popular flavours in any e-hookah store. Disposable e-hookahs usually come with a single flavour, while the reusable ones are easily interchangeable.

Are there any known health effects? It has to be noted that e-hookah is a fairly new product, so long-term health risks can’t be identified at the moment. Please click here if you’d like to learn more about the safety of e-hookah.

Is it addictive? It depends. Some disposable electronic shisha pens are nicotine-free, but some do contain this chemical compound. The reusable e-hookahs normally have more options and can be purchased either without nicotine or with varying levels of the substance (usually ranging from 6 to 18 mg in one cartridge). Although the amount of nicotine inhaled is usually lower than in conventional shisha or cigarettes, it can still cause severe addiction.

How much does it cost? The starter kits (including a reusable e-hookah and a battery charger) come for around £20, while extra flavours can be bought for around £4. Certain accessories that provide additional smoke and flavour go for around £4 as well.

Where can I get it? A quick Google search should help you to find several places where to buy e-hookah – both in retail stores and online.


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