Effective ways to quit Shisha

Effective ways to quit Shisha

Shisha is also known as Hookah. It is a single or sometimes multi stemmed instrument used for smoking tobacco (especially flavored tobacco). An average session of Shisha is equivalent to smoking more than a hundred times of an average cigarette. It increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, gum diseases, oral cancer and other harmful diseases. High nicotine consumption through Shisha may decrease fertility as well.

Effective ways to quit Shisha

There are several ways to quit Shisha. However, it is important to suppress the urge to smoke. Quitting Shisha is a lot easier with relaxed body and high energy levels. There are certain factors which trigger the urge to smoke Shisha and it is very crucial to eliminate the factors that trigger it. It is very important to keep benefits of quitting in mind to ease the process.

1. Curbing the urge – Try to curb the urge of smoking Shisha. Wait for 15 minutes to delay the urge. It usually suppresses the urge to smoke especially at a party. Snack healthy instead of smoking Shisha. It may be very tempting to smoke Shisha at parties or get together with friends. However, chances of smoking Shisha are much reduced if the urge is delayed.

2. Healthy diet – Include fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy in diet to control smoking Shisha. A healthy diet maintains the energy levels in the body. Vegetables like broccoli or spinach are very high in magnesium which relaxes and calms the body. Similarly, fruits rich in Vitamin C like Oranges, papaya or bananas and dairy products influence the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin relaxes and calms the body. Healthy diet also keeps the energy levels high which is important to quit shisha effectively.

3. Sugar free chewing gums – Try chewing sugar free gums to quit smoking shisha. Carry a few hard candies or chewing gums while partying. Chewing gums helps to suppress the urge of smoking shisha. Chewing gums or hard candies create distraction which helps to quit shisha.

4. Counseling and Support groups – Join counseling or support groups especially with a therapist to quit shisha. Talking to an expert and close friends builds the support system to quit shisha. It helps in sharing best practices to quit shisha as well. Therapy sessions help in building confidence and motivation to quit shisha.

5. Exercise – Exercise and sports are very important in quitting shisha. Sports and exercises relieve stress which is very important in quitting Shisha. Exercises are very good for the body and over all well-being which increase the confidence to quit smoking.

6. Commitment – It is very important to be focused on quitting Shisha. It requires a lot of commitment and conviction to quit Shisha.  Shisha is very harmful to health and it is very important not to lose the focus to quit Shisha. Eliminate the temptation to smoke by concentrating on the benefits of quitting. It is very important to stay motivated.

Quitting Shisha is difficult however it can be done with the right attitude and commitment.

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