The Right Approach To Help Someone To Come Out Of Shisha (or Any) Addiction

The Right Approach To Help Someone To Come Out Of Shisha (or Any) Addiction

Addiction means a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. Many times the person enslaved by a certain habit is aware of the harm that he is inflicting on himself but either he cannot think logically enough to curb that habit or he just does not want to pay heed to it and goes on harming himself.
Hence in both the cases the person addicted to something like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, shisha or any other substance which give a temporary kick and make you
forget the realities of life is harming himself. Usually people instead of helping the person come out of that habit start imposing their opinions, thoughts and sermons on the person about why that substance is not good for him. Believe me most of the time he knows that but inspite of that he continues consuming it.

Instead of bombarding the person with questions and preaching  about the pros and cons , it is best to put yourself in the listening and the observation mode. Especially the person whom you are trying to help is your near and dear one.

Addiction of any harmful substance is beyond age and gender your teenage daughter has the same chances as your teenaged son of getting enslaved by any harmful habit. Even a mature person who very well knows the drawbacks also many times fail to give up the habit.

It is very difficult for the family of a teenager to see him/her lose focus from life , education, sports and other creative hobbies and get enslaved to a habit of smoking shisha.

Usually at the adolescent level there is a curiosity to try out the latest trends and be one with your peers. Sometimes it may be due to sibling rivalry, inability to face peer pressure, low self esteem, trying to cope up with high expectations of the parents, etc.  Addiction is a
relative term. Just because someone tries smoking a few times that does not mean that he or she is an addict but if the person loses control over himself and cannot just do without that substance he needs help.

  • At that stage it is necessary that the family first accepts the fact that there is a problem and the whole family has to try to face it and solve it with care, respect and unity.
  • Be positive, patient and bear in mind that all problems have a solution. Things will not get sorted out in a day. It will take a lot of continuous efforts, genuine concern and lots of love for him to help him come out of it.
  • Just pointing out his faults and scolding him is going to harm him more than heal him.
  • Keep in mind the person is not bad, the habit is bad. The habit has to go,  the person has to be accepted whole heartedly.
  • Find out what is the main reason for which he wants to get away from reality.
  • Focus on his diet – A diet of fresh juices and liquids to make him flush out the nicotine from his body, vegetables and his favorites dishes prepared with maximum nutrition preserved in them and make it available at whatever odd time he/ she is hungry.
  • Talk to him about the pros and cons in general keeping his self-respect in mind whenever you think he is willing to listen to you.
  • Consult an expert but more than the physical aspect it is the psychological strength that is required by the person.
  • If he feels assured that despite of his habits and wrong decisions his family still loves him and respects him he will surely come out of it.
  • Remind him and talk about his achievements and successes, relive those moments during family get-togethers so that he gets motivated to aim higher and work harder.

Only unconditional love can make people come out of harmful habits as we have to remember and bear in mind that more than harming us he/she is harming himself/herself.

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