Social Personal Effects of Smoking Shisha

Social Personal Effects of Smoking Shisha

Shisha was a smoking tradition in the Middle-Eastern, and smoking it was started or began hundreds of years ago, it was even there before the invasion of American and British cigarette companies, therefore making it among the most common and unbelievably interesting sites of Arab World as a whole, even though there are many social personal effects of smoking shisha.

It is prepared by soaking tobacco in molasses or fruit shavings like apples, grapes and may be strawberry. The prepared mixture then is smoked using a large designed water pipe also known as hookah. People, that is males and females who are rich or in upper classes in Arab world have always been entertaining guests using the hookah pipes for a very long time.

Shisha is just a flavoured tobacco that can be smoked using the designed hookah pipe. The flavoured mixture is heated using charcoal and sometimes wood fuel. Smoke that comes from the flavoured tobacco is passed through the water chamber or part ion in the designed pipe into a tube like pipe with something like a mouthpiece that the smoker inhales or smokes through.

There are myths that smoking tobacco using the hookah pipe is quite safe. Some people have wrong thinking that water captures or removes the toxins so that the smoker is not exposed to them. The water does cool the smoke, but that does not makes it less harsh or harmless. Not knowing that cooling the smoke will not equal to safer smoke. The possibilities that dangers coming from smoking shisha could be possibly more than the dangers of or that are associated with cigarettes smoking. In fact, shisha exposes you to more smoke compared to cigarette smoking. According to World Health Organization, in a smoking session or one smoking session averagely a shisha smoker inhales or smokes the equivalent of about one hundred full cigarettes.

Those who smoke shisha can suffer from increased levels of carbon monoxide in their blood system, which then combines with haemoglobin leaving limited space for oxygen haemoglobin combination research has finally revealed. It also has caused alarm using its findings that one full session of smoking or inhaling shisha can result to increase in carbon monoxide levels by at least five to six times higher compared to the amount produced by smoking just one complete cigarette. Higher levels of carbon monoxide leads maybe to brain damage and unconsciousness and it is common in congested rooms or a places with limited air that’s why social personal effects of smoking shisha are dangerous. Tobacco is not less toxic in a designed hookah pipe, and the liquid that is water in the hookah do not completely filter out or remove the toxic ingredients and compounds in the inhaled flavoured tobacco smoke, shisha smokers actually inhale more of tobacco.

Shisha smoke has high levels of many toxic compounds including cancer causing chemicals or carcinogens, heavy metals, carbon monoxide and tar. Social personal effects of smoking shisha maybe linked to lung cancers with severe oral cancers, and a number of heart diseases and other strange serious illnesses in human beings who smoke them.

Hookah smoking has been found to produce almost the same quantity of nicotine as cigarette inhaling or smoking does and it may lead possibly to tobacco dependence or addiction. Shisha smoke have similar dangers that are commonly associated with many second hand smoking or smoke. In fact smoking pregnant women can lower birth weight of babies as a result. Hookah pipes are frequently used in many hookah cafes and bars and may not be properly cleaned thus risking the spread of many infectious diseases to the smokers like herpes.

Social personal effects of smoking shisha may also be linked to a number of other unique and strange risks that are not associated completely with cigarette smoking. These may include infectious and dangerous diseases like tuberculosis that infects the lungs and many other parts of the human body. Then there is also aspergilla which are a fungus that may cause lung infections that are dangerous and expensive to treat. There is the helicobacter that causes stomach ulcers that can be commonly spread through sharing the smoking pipe or through maybe the way the mixture flavoured tobacco is being prepared and handled.

In fact, a long period shisha smoking sessions can expose hookah smokers to dangerously high social personal effects of smoking shisha because of the higher quantities of carcinogens and heavy chemicals present in it compared to smokers of cigarettes. The risks of having cancer, addiction, heart diseases and respiratory diseases are also higher compared to cigarette smokers.

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