Did You Know That Smoking Shisha Can Cause Wrinkles?

Did You Know That Smoking Shisha Can Cause Wrinkles?

wrinkled skinPeople are probably aware of many side effects of smoking shisha but they are not aware that it is also harmful to one’s skin. Smoking shisha affects the skin; the skin may look pale, drawn and wrinkled which unfortunately add age to the one who smoke.

Smoking can lead to ageing because smoking restricts blood flow to the skin resulting in excessive dryness and skin blemishes. It also leads to increased lines and wrinkles which can cause to skin aging.  We can’t escape laughter lines, frown lines and other visible signs of ageing unless going to a cosmetic surgery but, add to these is the harmful activities such as smoking.

Smoking also reduces the flow of oxygen to the skin, resulting in marked decrease in the amount of vitamin A, which is essential for healthy skin. Recently, scientists have now discovered that both shisha smoking and prolonged sun exposure cause a protein called matrix metalloproteinase-1 or MMP-1 to be produced in high quantities under the skin’s surface. Too much matrix metalloproteinase-1 is a bad thing because it breaks down collagen, which accounts for seventy percent of the skin’s density, moisture and healthy appearance. In non-smokers, matrix metalloproteinase-1 is inhibited and kept at healthy levels by other genes and enzymes which act in concert to maintain optimal collagen levels. Without adequate collagen, skin thickness and moisture decreases and wrinkles become both wider and more visible.

Other effects of smoking shisha on the skin

Not only does it age the skin but it causes other negative effects among which are as clogged pores and a grey facial appearance. Prolonged exposure to smoke and heat is harmful to one’s skin which includes draining the skin of its natural moisture causing it to dry out. A soft, healthy skin looks younger; whereas smoking affects the skin by removing all the vital nutrients making one look older.

Each time you smoke or stay in a smoke-filled room, your skin slowly age because of the effect of smoke. The toxins present in shisha smoke or cigarette smoke can restrict blood flow towards the facial tissues causing the face to dry out, sag and causing it to go pale and have a washed-out look.

Smoking shisha and cigarettes can lead to yellow teeth and eyes, as well as bad breath. Toxins in smoke lower collagen levels in the body, causing your arms and face to sag. The smoke from shisha hosts numerous harmful chemicals that can damage the skin. Regular smokers find that their faces become less healthy as years pass by. Even second-hand smoke can cause wrinkles and skin aging.

Besides wrinkles, smoking can lead to more dangerous health complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer, emphysema and many other diseases. Pregnant women should avoid smoking. Wrinkles caused by regular smoking cannot be erased even after a smoker quits. Bottom-line, premature wrinkles are yet another compelling reason for one to quit smoking today. So, do it now in order to look and feel great.

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