Myth and Facts about Shisha

Shisha is considered a fast growing fad among different age brackets today all over the globe. The first invitation to try smoking a Shisha could have many reasons, why people agree to have this new experience. One of the popular reasons why people try to smoke Shisha is because, they are curious as to how Shisha differs from smoking a cigarette. A Shisha user can also have a different excuse as to why they are tempted to smoke Shisha. It could be they thought that the water in Shisha pipe filter the toxins in the tobacco; or they thought that since the Shisha tobacco has sweet fruit flavour it is more healthy to smoke than using a cigarette.

After which, a Shisha user could only found out that they can’t live without having a Shisha session trice or more each week. Or much worst, they cannot stand to forgo a day without having the Shisha smoke in there system. When this happened the Shisha user had already been a victim of their own circumstances. They had let ignorance lure them to their destructions. So that it pays to be informed, we just need to be responsible. This pit could have been prevented, if only they had read the following Shisha

myth that is busted.

Shisha Tobacco

Myth: Herbal Shisha is healthier than regular Shisha.
Actual fact: Just like smoking herbal or “natural” cigarettes, herbal Shisha exposes the smoker to tar and carcinogens.

Myth: Shisha is mostly molasses and not so much tobacco, so it is not so harmful.
Actual Fact: Fruity flavours tend to mask the toxins present in Shisha. People are more likely to use it in excess amounts thinking they are only inhaling fruity flavours.

Shisha Addiction

Myth: Smoking Shisha is not as addictive as smoking a cigarette because there is no nicotine.
Actual Fact: Just like regular tobacco, Shisha contains nicotine. In fact, in a 60-minute Shisha session, smokers are exposed to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette.

Nicotine in Shisha

Myth: Smoking Shisha produces less nicotine than regular cigarettes.
Actual Fact: Smoking Shisha and cigarettes produces nicotine that has approximately the same levels. Possibly when there is a difference, this will depend on Shisha tobacco, and usually Shisha users only use the best tobacco with greater nicotine levels.

Shisha Smoke

Myth: Inhaling Shisha smoke does not burn the lungs, so it is healthy.
Actual Fact: The Shisha smoke does not burn the lungs when inhaled because is cooled through the water in the base of the Shisha pipe. But even though the smoke is cooled, it still contains carcinogens and it is still unhealthy.

Myth: Smoking Shisha are healthier than smoking cigarettes.
Actual Facts: Shisha smoke is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is generated by burning tobacco, while Shisha smoke is
produced by heating tobacco in a bowl using charcoal. The end product of both cigarette and Shisha is the same—a smoke, containing carcinogens.

Water in Shisha Pipe

Myth: The water used in smoking Shisha is an effective filter against carcinogens.
Actual Fact: Depending on various factors such as duration of smoking, depth, length and frequency of inhalation; higher levels of carcinogens may be present in Shisha smoke compared to cigarette smoke. Aerosol, tar and heavy metal particles also are found in Shisha smoke.

Shisha Health Problems

Myth: Smoking Shisha is associated with few long-term health problems than cigarettes.
Actual Fact: Smoking Shisha can lead to various cancers, as well as heart and lung disease, much like cigarette smoking. In addition, diseases, such as hepatitis, herpes and tuberculosis, can spread when Shisha hose mouthpieces are shared.

People that are addicted to Shisha might have all the different reasons why they are in their situations now. That they are misinformed, that they did not know these harmful effects of Shisha in the body; but you are different from them. Only from reading this article you had been armed with knowledge to do what is the right thing. You had already helped your self from the pit of Shisha addiction, and if it is in your good will to share this information; please do so for the sake of your a love ones, relatives, or even friends.

I would like to add that our lungs have not been created to enjoy flavours. The main function of the lungs is to provide oxygen to the body and to get rid of carbon dioxide. If someone likes a particular flavour, then he or she could enjoy it in the form of a fruit juice or ice cream rather than inhaling it in the lungs with several liters of toxic fumes. In which later will only result to different kinds of illnesses.

By smoking Shisha, smokers had been distracted to be more creative to utilize their leisure time for doing something useful. Whoever is thinking that Shisha is safe as compared to cigarettes, they need to get out of this misconception. Or you can help them to get out from this misconception. You have the power to make a difference.