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Planning To Quit Smoking Shisha

The decision to quit smoking Shisha is one that only you can make. Other people may want you to quit, but the real commitment must come from you. Your willingness to give up smoking Shisha will make all the difference. Think about why you want to quit smoking Shisha. Are you worried that you could get infectious diseases like herpes, hepatitis and other illnesses? Do you really believe that the benefits of quitting Shisha outweigh the benefits of continuing to smoke with friends? Do you know someone who has had health problems because of their smoking Shisha? Have you encounter people who had problems in conceiving a child or children with health defects because of their parents’ long term use of Shisha? Are you ready to make the serious decision to try at quitting Shisha? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

If you had already decided to quit then the next step is to know how to plan quit smoking Shisha; this plan will help to ensure your success to freedom. They say that if you want to be a winner and succeed to whatever you particularly wanted, you need to have a goal, and every goal should have a well thought plan. In planning on how to

quit smoking Shisha, there is a need to prepare for the obstacle that will be encounter in the future. Setting a date is already one step toward freedom day. But the journey is long in quitting smoking Shisha, there will come the day that you experience the withdrawal in smoking Shisha. When this situation happens, it is very important that you will have the support of love ones, family and friends. Also, having a reward for a job well done in the process of quitting Shisha will boost your confidence and increase the chance of success. But there is one more thing a person who is planning to quit smoking Shisha needs to know, that is how to stay quit. To find out more on how to plan quit smoking Shisha, please read through.

1. Set a date for quitting Shisha.

Choose a date that will be stress free to quit smoking Shisha. It should be the day where you are at best of your self and that you are not in a rush to a deadline or have some worked that needs to be done immediately. When you had the quitting date to quit smoking Shisha, keep yourself busy but not stressed out. So planning the date is very important to the success of the process of quitting Shisha.

2.  Ask for help

Ask a doctor advice. When starting the course to quit smoking Shisha, it is important to consult a doctor if you have health problems or are concerned about issues such as weight gain. Also, to those mother to be that are planning to quit smoking Shisha it is essential that they coordinate with their doctor to monitor the health of the mother and baby as the process in quitting Shisha progress.

Find a quitting partner. In having a Shisha session finding a friend is never a problem.  So that finding a quitting partner is also not an impossible thing to happen. For example you can ask a fellow Shisha smoker that is relative, work colleague or friend that has also decided to quit smoking Shisha. Set a date to quit together and you will be able to give each other support.

Tell your family and friends about your intentions. Ask your family and friends for their support in your goal to quit smoking Shisha and explain that you may not be yourself while experiencing withdrawal from not smoking.

3. Deal with withdrawals.

The struggle in quitting Shisha comes the most when dealing with withdrawals from quitting. The first few weeks after quitting smoking are usually the most difficult and it’s safe to say that it normally takes at least 8-12 weeks before a person starts to feel comfortable with their new lifestyle change of being an ex-smoker. Withdrawal from nicotine, an addictive drug found in tobacco, is characterized by symptoms that include headache, anxiety, nausea and a craving for more tobacco. Nicotine creates a chemical dependency, so that the body develops a need for a certain level of nicotine at all times. For tobacco users trying to quit, symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine are unpleasant and stressful, but only temporary. Most withdrawal symptoms peak 48 hours after you quit and are completely gone in six months. So it is essential to be prepared mentally to what you are going to experience, have the support of your family and friends, and develop an exercise program to relieved stress.

4. Reward your self.

When you set out to quit smoking it’s very important to set goals for yourself. The fun part of setting your goals is setting rewards that you give yourself once you reach your goals. Examples of fun rewards include: a fun night out with a special friend or loved one, a long weekend away from home, a nice piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted, a new car, an extended vacation or cruise. Let your mind run wild. Remember, you’re going to have more money and time to spend, now that you’re not having Shisha session.

5. Stay Quit in smoking Shisha.

Avoid Temptation. Know the reasons why you smoke Shisha, such as stress, friends who were a Shisha smoker, drinking in a bar, etc. Avoid these triggers while you are trying to quit or if that’s not possible, decide on how you will deal with the triggers.

Prepare for relapse. Decide what you will do when you experience cravings. In this circumstances you can have a deep breathing, a short walk and keep you self busy you help take your mind off the cravings. Perhaps you can think of other ways. Write them down. Remember these cravings will only last for 3-5 minutes at a time.

Benefit overtime. By not smoking Shisha think about the benefit overtime, you have the chance to live longer and experience more joy in life. The advantage that you can not ignore is that you save yourself from the effects of smoking Shisha such as cancer, infectious diseases and other illnesses. Now you have lots of time to be productive and creative in spending your time socialising with other people by joining a good cause organisation like fun run, etc.

Be positive and confident you can quit. You have spent time and energy planning how you will deal with the task ahead. You can and will do it if you persevere. Ten of thousands of people are quitting every day around the world. You can be one of them.

You have the tool now that can be your guide on how to plan quit smoking Shisha. Take action today and enjoy your future. It is not too late to save yourself from the destruction cause by smoking Shisha.

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How to Quit Smoking Shisha that Works

Really wanting to quit smoking is very important because this will determine your success in quitting. If you had already decided to quit and your quitting date had been set, and the game plan in quitting Shisha is made. Then, we are now in the next part in the process of quitting Shisha that is; how to quit smoking Shisha that works.

One would ask, “Do we need to do something different from the usual routine?” What to prepare at the quit day? Do we need some aide in dealing with stress? These are
just some questions you need to answer before you start quit smoking Shisha.

There is no one right way to quit. Most Shisha smokers prefer to stop completely, all at once, with no medicines or nicotine replacement.   They smoke until their Quit Day and then quit. Some may smoke Shisha fewer for 1 or 2 weeks before their Quit Day. Another way involves cutting down on the number of Shisha sessions you smoke a little bit each day. With this method, you slowly reduce the amount of nicotine in your body. You might decide to smoke only at certain times of the day. While it makes sense to cut down in order to reduce withdrawal symptoms, in practice this can be hard to do.

How to prepare for your Quit Day

  1. Pick the date and mark it on your calendar.

Now that you had picked the date of your quitting day, mark it with a red pen in your calendar. Put your calendar where you can easily see it so that you will be reminded of your goal. This will also show that you are in a mission and this is a serious situation.

  1. Tell friends and family about your Quit Day.

Tell your family and friends that you are going to quit smoking Shisha and that you need their understanding and love in your journey to quit. Inform relatives and friends that still smoke Shisha to respect your decision in quitting and that you need their cooperation in your complete abstinence in smoking Shisha.

  1. Get rid of all the Shisha apparatus in your home, car, and place of work.  

 Be completely dethatched from the sight of Shisha materials that will prompt you to start smoking again. It would be wise and helpful to achieve your goal to quit smoking Shisha, if Shisha apparatus is out of your reach and sight. This would help you to avoid the thoughts and ideas of your association to this Shisha apparatus before.

  1. Stock up on oral substitutes.

Having an oral substitute like, sugarless gum, carrot sticks, hard candy, cinnamon sticks, coffee stirrers, straws, and/or toothpicks will help you to keep from smoking Shisha again. This oral substitute will help you to eliminate your usual habit of having Shisha mouthpiece in you mouth.

  1. Decide on a plan.

Will you take medicines? Ask for the advice of your doctor on what are the medicines that will be best for you to use, as you stop smoking Shisha. Will you attend a stop-smoking class? Stop-smoking class can be a big help in your process in quitting smoking Shisha. In stop-smoking class, you will find a fellow classmate who can be your quitting partner that can also give you support and encouragement. If you think this works for you, sign up now.

  1. Practice saying, “No thank you, I don’t smoke Shisha.”

Practicing this passage will keep you ready in the future encounter. Getting use into saying this will keep you more confident that you will not be tempted to try just one smoking of Shisha and betray yourself. They say practice makes perfect. As you say this saying, visualise that you are confident in saying this and that congratulate yourself for your success from temptation.

  1. Set up a support system.

This could be a group program or a friend or family member who has successfully quit and is willing to help you to quit smoking Shisha. Also, ask family and friends who still smoke Shisha not to smoke around you. Tell them you respect their choice in smoking Shisha and will be glad to them if they turn that respect back to you. This is a big decision in your life and thus, you need their support too.

What to do on your Quit Day

  1. Do not smoke.

This means none at all, not even one try of smoking Shisha. So it is very essential to keep away from your Shisha session hang-outs places. Be committed to stick on the game plan. Remember every worthwhile cause , needs sacrifices. No guts, no glory.

  1. Keep active

You can try walking, exercising, or doing other activities or hobbies. Keep you mind away from smoking Shisha. Try either walking to relax you mind or apply to an exercise program that will keep you sweat and interested.

  1. Drink lots of water and juices; and eat vegetable and fruits too.

You will need this health boosting food to keep you in good health. Remember that you will experience many changes in your body and keeping your body healthy will help you improved your mood and chance to succeed quitting shisha.

  1. Begin using nicotine replacement if that is your choice.

There are lot of choices in dealing with nicotine withdrawals in quitting smoking Shisha. Ask your doctor for advice and discuss your situation. People that quit smoking Shisha encounter different symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine. That is why it important to coordinate with your doctor to know what best suites your situation.

  1. Avoid situations where the urge to smoke Shisha is strong. 

Keep yourself from stress; this will help you from looking to ease it out especially to smoking Shisha. Be ready in the work place, prepare in advance for the things that you need to do, so that you will avoid burn out from work which can prompt you to smoke Shisha. Be positive and open minded in dealing with things at hand; in the house, school or workplace, in this way you will be happier in your situation and avoid smoking Shisha.

  1. Avoid people who are smoking.

 Avoid friends who are smoking Shisha. If you are going to school and that you are invited to hang-out in a friends place which host a Shisha session, be committed in your goal to quit smoking Shisha and tell them you will have to pass from joining the group. This is also applicable to people at work, where they are invited to have a Shisha session after work for a get together. These are the time, where you are most tested. Be committed no matter what. Avoid these situations to succeed.

  1. Think about how you can change your routine.

 Use a different route to go to work or school. Eat breakfast in a different place or eat different foods. Be creative to think of other way that you can be clean from smoking Shisha. Be as different from your previous lifestyle of invitation from one Shisha session with friends to another bar with Shisha services. Now is the time to think with style. Socialise with other people in a fun way like joining a fun run or doing a volunteer task. Times like these are the moment to make a difference and be proud on you’re self in the process.

Shisha smokers who experience problem with there health are the most likely to quit for good—they’re very motivated. Find a reason for quitting before you have no choice. Quitting smoking Shisha takes a strong commitment over a long time. Shisha smokers may wish there was an easy way like a pill or method to quit smoking Shisha, but there is nothing like that. Nicotine substitutes can help reduce withdrawal symptoms, but they work best when they are used as part of a stop-smoking plan that addresses both the physical and psychological components of quitting smoking.

Preparation and commitment are needed in the success in quitting smoking Shisha. You need to be patient with yourself and with the help of the above guide steps; you are just action away from success. Believe that you can quit smoking Shisha. Be confident and remember that goal in your calendar. The goal to quit smoking Shisha is waiting to be fulfilled and the power to make it come true lies in your hands. So act now!