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Oral Cancer Caused by Smoking

Smoking shisha or cigarettes can affect the health of the mouth and throat. As well as the obvious effects, such as stains on the teeth and bad breath, smoking is the major cause of cancers in the mouth, throat, oesophagus, pharynx, larynx or voice box, tongue, lips and salivary glands.

As Doctor Chris Steele says, “mouth cancer is increasing, and as with most cancers, it’s more common in over 50 years old. It’s very important to spot mouth cancer early, primarily because if it’s caught early, we know that the treatments are very successful.”

More than 80% of mouth, nose and throat cancer occur in a people who smoke cigarettes or water pipes.  A total of 2,052 Australians died from mouth and throat cancer in 2003 and there are over 4,000 new cases of these cancers each year.

In fact, one member of The Beatles, George Harrison died because of throat cancer. It was said that George was a very heavy smoker and he smoked almost 3 packs of cigarettes per day but not only that, he also smoked shisha heavily, thus he acquired throat cancer.  Sources said he quit smoking in the early 1980’s but in late 1997, he started smoking again. Another thing to note, all of The Beatles band members’ are exposed to massive amounts of second hand smoke from exposure to bars in enclosed arenas where they perform.

Smoking shisha or cigarette can also lead to periodontal disease or so-called gum disease as well as increased tartar on teeth. This can also cause serious deterioration of soft tissues around the teeth, which can result in pain and tooth loss. Smoking can also delay the healing of injured tissues in the mouth, such as mouth ulcers.

In another part of the world, people in Saudi Arabia, where hookah smoking is widespread, were studied by Suzan Natto and her colleagues from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. From a total of 262 adults studied, there consist 31% of people who smoked water pipes exclusively, while 19 % smoked only cigarettes; another 20% used both smoking cigarette and shisha smoking and the rest were non-smokers.

They found out that about 20% of the participants had signs of gum disease, which is marked by inflammation and redness of the gums in its earlier stages which progressed to the destruction of bones and soft tissues supporting the teeth leading to possible teeth loss.

While only 8% of non-smokers had gum disease, 30% of water-pipe smokers and 24% of cigarette smokers were affected.

With all these facts all over the world, quitting from smoking immediately would significantly reduce your risk of oral cancer and greatly improve your dental health now.

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Shisha and its Negative Effects

Shisha as well as hookah smoking entails a water line which has a bowl, smoke holding chamber and hose pipe. A unique kind of tobacco is burned up within the holding chamber, and smoke goes up through water within the bowl prior to it being inhaled through the water pipe. cautions the tobacco utilized in shisha smoking is harmful. Shisha people who smoke may breathe much more tobacco smoke as compared to from the cigarette due to the bigger pipes employed. Shisha smoking triggers several negative effects.


As with smoking cigarettes, shisha smoking carries the chance of addiction, resulting in everyday use. The CDC and Prevention underlines which shisha includes tobacco, pure nicotine along with other chemicals making it obsessive. Nicotine gets to the human brain in just Around 10 sec after breathing. For that reason, addiction can happen after even a couple of times of using shisha. Distressing drawback signs and symptoms from avoiding shisha cigarette smoking include discomfort, exhaustion, headaches, pain as well as depression symptoms.


The misunderstanding about shisha tobacco is that it must be much less harmful to the human body as compared to smoking cigarettes, since the tobacco is breathed in through water. Nevertheless, points out that shisha smoke also includes tar residue, deadly carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds along with other toxic chemical substances. These types of chemicals may be cancer causing (cancer-causing) within the body. Shisha smoking could raise the chance of cancers, especially of the lips, mouth area, tongue, throat as well as lungs.

Asthma as well as Health issues

The large degree of smoke through shisha might also cause chemical substance discomfort of the lung area, resulting in or deteriorating allergy-induced bronchial asthma. Even in people who are not vulnerable to bronchial asthma, the toxic chemical substances inside the smoke can bother and irritate the liner of your nasal pathways, throat and mouth and bring about allergy symptoms by the defense mechanisms. The Singapore Health Marketing Board notes which, as with cigarette smoke, actually second hand shisha smoke may cause harmful effects in your body which may result in illness.Reported by recent surveys, the actual pipe could behave as a great medium with regard to promoting bacteria leading to contagious diseases such as hepatitis A that may be easily carried once the shisha pipe is utilized through several tobacco users.

Based on the WHO, studies reach to the level that shisha is much more harmful than cigarette smoking or pipe cigarette smoking. One is acquiring more smoke cigarettes with the shisha than whenever using tobacco stick. Breathing in the smoke in the hubble-bubble is much like inhaling poisonous unwanted gas and substances along with some chemical toxins, thus ultimately causing lung and cardiovascular issues. The water inside the water pipe doesn’t filter the actual smoke, even though it will soak up nicotine.

The actual smoke through the cigarettes is cooled down because it passes by way of a water-filled cup bowl and then breathed in by way of a flexible pipe. The water within the dish behaves as barriers which are more dangerous substance within tobacco: Tar. Tar residue consists of all the mutagenic as well as extremely dangerous agents within tobacco smoke, such as polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons (PAH), which usually in smoking is created from the procedure for peroxidation and that causes the response in tobacco which aids the development of the actual tar as well as the transporting of nicotine. This doesn’t appear in shisha pipes, because the process is avoided in water because of saturation of the hydrocarbons within their gaseous state.

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Is shisha more harmful than cigarettes

You have glaringly heard about smoking and the other smoking procedures and a small number of you even may take a little information on shisha smoking but I’m assuming that there has to be at least 1 or 2 in your middle who are not privy to the brilliant calamities that shisha smoking unleashes in the life of a smoker.

Around the world, shisha smoking is not as abundant as cigarette usage, but the inescapable damage from shisha smoke is far bigger compared to the unsafe results of cigarette usage! Just at any reference to shisha, a significant number of people are struck with complete problem for the explanation that they are not able to interpret the meaning of this phenomenon and, the concept that explains that give up smoking is a fast requirement for a shisha smoker? If you are in the same difficulty and the term “shisha smoking” appears totally confusing to you then let me inform that shisha is nothing except an oriental tobacco pipe.

The shisha pipe is attached to a flexible tube which is significantly long and it is further attached to a container where the tobacco is kept and cooled by passing thru water. Returning to the possible harm from shisha smoking, I’d like to point out that in a single session, the smokers breathe a substantial range of tobacco smoke which is two hundred times more compared with the smoke that a smoker consumes by lighting up a fag. Now try and imagine the inescapable annihilation from shisha smoking! Studies have made it obvious that a giant quantity of catastrophic chemical is present in shisha smoke which is literally capable of causing cancer and heart sicknesses in folks.

Taking stock of the catastrophic results of shisha smoking, around the planet the health fans are demanding an instant ban on shisha smoking. But whether you smoke shisha or cigarettes, stop smoking is a prerequisite and for what it is worth you have gotten to pull up your socks and carve out an efficient smoking suspension programme as agreed by the advices of the doctor! According to the French anti-tobacco agency (OFT), a communication from the French state lab disclosed that smoking shisha releases as much carbon monoxide as fifteen to 52 cigarettes and as much tar as twenty-seven to 102 cigarettes.

Bertrand Dautzenberg, OFT President asserted, “The report affirms that smoking shisha is an important provider of air pollution in closed and covered areas. If comparing the info to regular ciggie smoke, one shisha fits with a mean of around seventy drags on a cigarette.” The tests were conducted by Laboratoire Nationwide d’Essais (LNE) on 3 kinds of shisha : shisha with self-lighting carbon utilized in tiny amounts, self-lighting carbon employed in large quantities, and natural carbon shisha employed in tiny volumes. The lab employed the 3 parameters that are measured when analysing smoke on a packet of cigarettes : the quantity of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. For seventy litres (sixteen gallons) of smoke given off by the shisha, the tiny amount self lighting carbon tar results were measured at 319 mg, 32 times the legal EU limit for a gasper, while the enormous amount self-lighting carbon measured at 266 mg, twenty-seven times the gasper limit, and the natural carbon measured at 1,023 mg, a 102 times more than a cig.

Carbon monoxide measurements fared badly also, as tests suggested that the carbon measurements from the 3 kinds of shisha came to seventeen times the standard fag limit, fifteen times, and 52 times the limit. The self-lighting carbon in both small and generous amounts for nicotine measured about one cig per shisha, while the natural carbon was the nicotine equivalent of smoking 6 cigarettes. France’s hookah-pipe bars begged to be excused from a ban on smoking in cafeterias and cafes which comes into force on Jan first 2008.

Many casual smokers have long regarded as the hookah pipe a divertingly social, a touch fitter alternative option to smoking cigarettes but the hookah is as dangerous as, or worse than supposed cancer sticks, according to a Times report.

Fitted out with the most recent health studies, statesman’s from California to Maine are endeavouring to curb or ban hookah bars, which became the “newest front in the ever-shifting war on tobacco.” Is smoking flavoured tobacco thru a water pipe actually as rotten cigarettes? Yes, hookahs are lethal : “Several studies have linked hookah use to several of the same sicknesses linked with smoking, like lung, oral and bladder cancer together with blocked up arteries, heart problems and detrimental effects during pregnancy,” announces Douglas Quenqua in The Times.

Because a hookah session can persist for an hour, one hazy intermission may be the equivalent of smoking a hundred cigarettes.

And, hookahs are often smoked communally, a practice that is linked to spreading infective viruses like herpes and tuberculosis. “Putting a crimp in the hookah” What a buzzkill : This is “kind of depressing,” asserts Cassie Ramsey, a sophomore at Johnson & Wales School, as quoted by The NY Times. I used to be a “frightfully keen hookah smoker” last summer. At least daily, my buddies and I’d get involved in sessions that might go on for some time. Now, “I only smoke once, perhaps twice a month.” Bummer! “Putting a crimp in the hookah” Well, the majority of people likely will not stop:

This is just the awful latest in a sequence of “friendly reminders” from the Times about the hazards of hookah pipes, asserts Erik Hayden at The Atlantic Wire. Since at least 2006, the paper has been publishing articles like this. And giant surprise! Few college kids are “heeding the warning.” It looks you can momentarily lead a young child away from the water pipe, but you can do not do anything to stop him from turning back around and having a puff. Hookah smoking is not more safe in comparison to smoking. AKA narghile, shisha and gaza, a hookah is a water pipe with a smoke chamber, a bowl, a pipe and a hose. Specifically made tobacco is heated, and the smoke passes thru water and is then drawn thru a rubber hose to a mouthpiece.

The tobacco is no less dangerous in a hookah pipe, and water in the hookah does not clear out the noxious ingredients in the tobacco smoke. Hookah smokers may breathe more tobacco smoke than ciggie smokers do thanks to the enormous volume of smoke they breathe in one smoking session, which can last so long as 1 hour. While research about hookah smoking is still developing, proof shows that it poses many risks : Hookah smoke contains raised levels of poisonous compounds, including tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals (cancer inducing agents). Actually hookah smokers are exposed to more carbon monoxide and smoke than are gasper smokers.

As with cigarette usage, hookah smoking connects to lung and oral cancers, coronary disease and other serious sicknesses. Hookah smoking delivers about the same quantity of nicotine as cigarette usage does, potentially leading to tobacco dependence. Hookah smoke poses perils linked with second-hand smoke. Hookah smoking by expecting mothers could lead to low birth weight babies. Hookah pipes employed in hookah bars and cafeterias will not be cleaned correctly, hazarding the growth of communicable sicknesses.

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