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How to Quit Smoking Shisha Completely by Preparing for a Relapse

The decision to quit smoking Shisha is not easy to make, but you did. The reason why a someone quits smoking Shisha varies in every individual; that longs for a change and make finally a difference in life. To recognize that something in the way on how you live your life needs a renewal, is already a humble beginning to a new journey. The withdrawal effects of smoking Shisha are at first difficult to deal with. However, it is not impossible for you to persevere and succeed. So that avoiding smoking Shisha temptation with the ideas and methods you know you can apply in your life will bring you victory.

In the process of quitting smoking Shisha there can still be a lot of trials a person will encounter. What then, if after all your efforts and struggles you will get back to smoke Shisha again? What are you going to feel? How are you going to react and handle the situation? This article will help you know on how to quit smoking Shisha completely by preparing for a relapse.

What is the Difference between a Slip and a Relapse?

What if you do smoke? The difference between aslip and a relapse is within your control. A slip is a one-time mistake that is quickly corrected. A relapse is going back to smoking Shisha. You can use the slip as an excuse to go back to smoking Shisha again, or you can look at what went wrong and renew your commitment to staying away from smoking Shisha for good.

How to Prepare for a Relapse

1. Don’t let a slip become a mudslide.

You’re not a failure if you slip up. Give yourself a chance to regain your clean self again.  It doesn’t mean you can’t quit for good. You have the choice to make up your mind, stands up; don’t let that slip become a relapse and a mudslide. You can make a difference now; it is not yet too late.

2. Avoid places with smoking Shisha services.

It’s important to get back on the non-Shisha smoking track now. Avoid those friends or colleague that lures you to smoke Shisha again whenever they have the opportunity. So avoid these people by avoiding their frequent Shisha session venue. Always remember, to keep your self aware of other people’s intention in your goal to quit smoking Shisha, whether to help you to succeed or brought to your destruction. Remind your friend of your intention to quit smoking Shisha.

3. Look back at your quit log and feel good about the time you went without smoking Shisha.

Pat your self in the back. You had succeeded to be free of smoking Shisha even for a short time. If you can do it before, you can certainly do it again. Believe in yourself that you have the power to quit smoking Shisha for good.

4. Find the trigger and know the cause

Exactly what was it that made you smoke Shisha again? Is it because of stress or something you are upset about or you have an experience of peer pressure? Decide how you will cope with that issue the next time it comes up. Device a plan you can use on how to best handle the problem that causes you to smoke Shisha again.

5. Learn from your experience

What has been most helpful in quitting smoking Shisha? Stick to what helps you and makes you strong in your journey in quitting smoking Shisha. What didn’t work in your quest to quit smoking Shisha?  This question will help you to determine the obstacles that keep you to succeed and do something about it.

6. Call your doctor if you start smoking Shisha again

Are you using a medicine to help you quit smoking Shisha? Inform your doctor of the new changes in the progress of your goal in quitting smoking Shisha. Some medicines cannot be used if you are smoking Shisha at the same time.

Don’t feel like a failure; use this experience to strive more to succeed next time. Set a new stop date. Many ex-Shisha smokers did not succeed at first, but they kept trying. The first few days after quitting smoking Shisha will probably be the hardest. Just remember that even one Shisha session can cause a relapse, so don’t risk it.

Even if you do have a relapse, try not to get too discouraged. Very few people are able to quit for good on the first try, and so do not lose hope. In fact, it takes most people several tries before they quit for good. What’s important is figuring out what helped you when you tried to quit smoking Shisha and what worked against you. You can then use this information to make a stronger attempt at quitting the next time. This way you help yourself achieve your goal to quit smoking Shisha completely and shame those people that only want you to fail in quitting.

Having a small setback doesn’t mean you’re a Shisha smoker again. Most people try to quit smoking several times before they kick the habit of smoking Shisha for good. Always keep in mind to never, never give up. You can achieve your goal to quit smoking Shisha. Think positive and believe in your self that you can succeed.

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Shisha Facts: How Shisha Affects Men Fertility and Women Pregnancy

hisha smoking is a way of life to some. It is the bonding moment with friends, and also a social event where one meets more friends. For Shisha smokers it is this interaction with different kinds of people that give them the feeling of machismo to men and the cool thing to be done today by the modern women. Shisha smoking is the new trend and the new style of some people, to spend their past time or to relax. But all these enjoyments that a Shisha smoker experienced are only for the mean time. In the long run, this circle of friends would need to live their own lives. They will eventually meet someone special and decided to marry and have their own families. Then here comes the time where they encounter some of the problems.

By smoking Shisha, the smoke that contains harmful effects crawled into the smokers system and does all the damage to the body. So that a Shisha smoker whether a man or a woman should need to know the bad effects of smoking Shisha, that they will eventually encounter in their personal and family life. Note also, that not only the direct Shisha smokers will have this consequences but also the innocent unborn child. Keep in mind that if you are smoking Shisha and are planning to make a child, be mindful that you and your partner is putting a precious life at risk. Do read the following to have an intelligent choice whether to smoke, or continue to smoke this deadly Shisha. I also include ‘how Shisha affects the fetus.’

How Shisha  Affects Men Fertility

    • Shisha smoking contains heavy metals like arsenic, chromium, lead, cobalt. The presence of the trace amount of these heavy metals in semen found to inhibit the function of enzyme contained in the acrosome of the sperm cell, which is the membrane that covers the head of the sperm.
    • Shisha smoking or tobacco smoking could cause to decrease sperm motility.
    • Shisha smoking could result into production of unhealthy sperm, thus reduce sperm lifespan.
    • Shisha also affects the ability of men to produced sperm which result into low sperm production.
    • In the long run the adverse effect of smoking Shisha can cause genetic changes that can affect the offspring.


How Shisha Affects Women Pregnancy

      • Since the Shisha pipe contains lots of infectious microorganisms and pregnant women have a suppressed immune system, so they are more likely to catch infections.
      • Harmful heavy metals and toxins can be excreted in the breast milk which can affect the newborn.
      • Women who smoke Shisha during pregnancy have babies with an increased risk for respiratory diseases.
      • Shisha smoking can increase women’s risk of blood clots.


How Shisha Affects the Fetus

      • Like cigarettes, smoking Shisha can raise the risk of premature labour, stillbirth and other complications.
      • Shisha smoking can also harm the unborn baby’s development.
      • The smoke from Shisha decreases the oxygen concentration in mother’s body which ultimately results to the shortness of breath to the fetus which could lead the baby towards death.
      • Babies born to women who smoked one or more water pipes a day during pregnancy have lower birth weights (were at least 3½ ounces less) than babies born to non-smokers.


Our lifestyle can truly affect every areas of our life. Most people are aware of the dangers that smoking Shisha presents to health, including cancers, lung and heart problems. But most people are not informed that smoking Shisha can go further as to affect the chance of a man and a woman to conceive a child. There is also the possibility of a Shisha smoker mother, to have a child that has birth defects. This problem could be prevented.

Prevention is better than cure, so that for those people who are tempted to try to smoke Shisha, you still have a chance to consider the above results. You have always the choice to make a difference. For those people who are smoking Shisha for some time now, it is not too late to turn the wheel of your life. You have the option whether to smoke to you and your love ones destruction. Or make that choice to have a clean living and have a healthy, happy family in the future.

Knowledge on the subject of smoking Shisha is a great advantage. They say that what you do not know will not hurt you, but this is not always true. To have a bright future, you need to start doing what is proper and what is right at this very moment. Take action and act now. Read more everything about Shisha and what more could it do to destroy your life. For what you know about this subject will arm you with options, to know what is the right thing to do.

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The Right Approach To Help Someone To Come Out Of Shisha (or Any) Addiction

Addiction means a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. Many times the person enslaved by a certain habit is aware of the harm that he is inflicting on himself but either he cannot think logically enough to curb that habit or he just does not want to pay heed to it and goes on harming himself.
Hence in both the cases the person addicted to something like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, shisha or any other substance which give a temporary kick and make you
forget the realities of life is harming himself. Usually people instead of helping the person come out of that habit start imposing their opinions, thoughts and sermons on the person about why that substance is not good for him. Believe me most of the time he knows that but inspite of that he continues consuming it.

Instead of bombarding the person with questions and preaching  about the pros and cons , it is best to put yourself in the listening and the observation mode. Especially the person whom you are trying to help is your near and dear one.

Addiction of any harmful substance is beyond age and gender your teenage daughter has the same chances as your teenaged son of getting enslaved by any harmful habit. Even a mature person who very well knows the drawbacks also many times fail to give up the habit.

It is very difficult for the family of a teenager to see him/her lose focus from life , education, sports and other creative hobbies and get enslaved to a habit of smoking shisha.

Usually at the adolescent level there is a curiosity to try out the latest trends and be one with your peers. Sometimes it may be due to sibling rivalry, inability to face peer pressure, low self esteem, trying to cope up with high expectations of the parents, etc.  Addiction is a
relative term. Just because someone tries smoking a few times that does not mean that he or she is an addict but if the person loses control over himself and cannot just do without that substance he needs help.

  • At that stage it is necessary that the family first accepts the fact that there is a problem and the whole family has to try to face it and solve it with care, respect and unity.
  • Be positive, patient and bear in mind that all problems have a solution. Things will not get sorted out in a day. It will take a lot of continuous efforts, genuine concern and lots of love for him to help him come out of it.
  • Just pointing out his faults and scolding him is going to harm him more than heal him.
  • Keep in mind the person is not bad, the habit is bad. The habit has to go,  the person has to be accepted whole heartedly.
  • Find out what is the main reason for which he wants to get away from reality.
  • Focus on his diet – A diet of fresh juices and liquids to make him flush out the nicotine from his body, vegetables and his favorites dishes prepared with maximum nutrition preserved in them and make it available at whatever odd time he/ she is hungry.
  • Talk to him about the pros and cons in general keeping his self-respect in mind whenever you think he is willing to listen to you.
  • Consult an expert but more than the physical aspect it is the psychological strength that is required by the person.
  • If he feels assured that despite of his habits and wrong decisions his family still loves him and respects him he will surely come out of it.
  • Remind him and talk about his achievements and successes, relive those moments during family get-togethers so that he gets motivated to aim higher and work harder.

Only unconditional love can make people come out of harmful habits as we have to remember and bear in mind that more than harming us he/she is harming himself/herself.

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The First Step on How to Quit Smoking Shisha

The proof that you are reading this had either two reasons. One, you are someone who is just curious as to how Shisha smokers make that decision to quit smoking and that you had nothing to do. So you just read and after reading this, you might forget about every word I say but not the lessons you will learn from reading this article. Or two, you might be someone, who is a Shisha smoker and is looking for ways on how to stop smoking Shisha.

What I am going to impart here, is the first tool every Shisha smoker who wants to quit smoking needs to know. The ability to begin how to stop smoking Shisha needs a deep understanding and personal internal reflection on want you want to happen in the future. This is the turning point in the cross-road of your life, where you need to choose between the road that leads to destruction and the road that leads to renewal.

The first step on how to quit smoking Shisha is to decide. Make the decision now that will determine the course of your action. Because this is the catalyst that will propel every Shisha smoker to hope that they can have freedom from Shisha. But the questions now are “How to decide” and “How to stick with your decision to quit smoking Shisha?” Is there a special way and is it too difficult? I hope not, because below are easy steps to help every aspiring Shisha quitter to survive the test and finally make it to freedom.

When a person is faced with a difficult decision, there are several steps one can take to ensure the best possible solutions will be decided. These steps are put into seven effective ways to go about this decision making process.

Steps in Making Decision to Quit Smoking Shisha

1. Outline your goal and outcome.

Our goal is to stop smoking Shisha completely, and have an outcome to live longer and have a healthy life. This will enable Shisha smoker to decide and to see exactly what they are trying to accomplish and keep them on a specific path.

2. Gather data.
This will help decision makers have actual evidence to help them come up with a solution. A person, who decided to stop smoking Shisha, needs to know and find out the effect of smoking Shisha to the body. By understanding the effects of smoking Shisha, the quitter will be more motivated to quit smoking.

3. Find other alternatives in quitting Shisha.

To quit smoking Shisha, expect that there will be struggle. The process of quitting is not easy, but it is not impossible too. It would be a big help then that before starting the course to quit smoking Shisha, find an aid or alternative that you can do or use to destruct you from smoking Shisha again, like find another hobby or eat some candies. This part will be discussed in my future article.  Coming up with more than one solution will enable the Shisha smoker to see good alternative which can actually work to the success of quitting Shisha.

4. List pros and cons of each alternative.

With the list of pros and cons, you can eliminate the solutions that have more cons than pros, making your decision easier. To list cons of smoking Shisha the following are included:  it can cause cancer, lung diseases, heart attacks, strokes, and blood vessel diseases, risks to women and unborn child, years of life lost due to smoking. These are just to list some. While pros of smoking Shisha could have: being in to the new trend and meeting more friends in social gathering. You can make your personalise pros and cons to aid you more to know what to do. Better yet, get a placard or index card and write all the pros of quitting Shisha so that you will be reminded of you goal every time you look at it.

5. Make the decision.

Once you analyze each solution, you should pick the pros that are most significant. The evidence that you are still reading until now only proves you had made that decision.

6. Immediately take action.

Once the decision is picked, you should implement it right away. They say action, beats in action. So act now and strike while the iron is hot. Take now that first action that will take you to the door of freedom. Make your decision be known to the person that surrounds you including your love ones, friends, and co-worker of your decision to quit smoking Shisha. Be open to the public about your plan to quit and get help from them. Start the new journey to freedom now.

7. Learn from, and reflect on the decision making.

This step allows you to see what you did right and wrong when coming up, and putting the decision to use. Follow up is vey important. So every once in a while be reminded of your brevity of deciding to quit smoking Shisha and that you are not far from being finally free.

There is hope for Shisha smoker, no matter how old you are or how long you have smoked, quitting can help you live longer and be healthier. People who stop smoking before age 50 cut their risk of dying in the next 15 years in half compared with those who keep smoking. Ex-smokers enjoy a higher quality of life. They have fewer illnesses like colds and the flu, lower rates of bronchitis and pneumonia, and feel healthier than people who still smoke.

It is not too late, have that decision to quit smoking Shisha and make it known to the public and start living healthier. Remember you are just a decision away from success. So act, now.

Quit Smoking Shisha and Save Your Life!

Over the last decade, more and more people are getting hooked with shisha smoking. Despite efforts to educate the public on the dangers of tobacco, shisha smokers continue to rise. Many of them, who are young adults and young professionals, continue to believe that among the tobacco products, shisha is less dangerous than cigarettes.

Shisha or water pipe smoking has not been widely studied. However, enough evidences on the health risks were already established. Like any other tobacco, shisha smoking can also cause incurable, irreversible and life-long diseases.

In the study conducted by Dr. Sedigheh-Sadat Tavafian (Department of Health Education, Faculty of Medical Science, Tarbiat Moddarres University, Tehran, Iran), Dr. Teamur Aghamolaei (Department of Health Services, School of Health) and Dr. Shahram Zare (Department of Social Medicine, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Bandar Abbas, Iran) on “Water Pipe Smoking and Health-Related Quality of Life: A Population-Based Study,” water pipe smokers had a substantially worse health condition than non-smokers. They also concluded that smoking water pipe posed a higher risk for poorer high-related quality of life and should therefore be of high priority for health planners.

Contrary to the popular belief of many shisha smokers, the water in the water pipe does not filter all the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. Although it may absorb some of the nicotine, shisha smokers still inhale more tobacco smoke than cigarette smokers inhale in one smoking session. In fact, the World Health Organization issued a public advisory in 2005 that one session of water pipe smoking could be as dangerous as smoking up to 100 cigarettes.

The Nicotine and Tobacco Research, devoted exclusively in the study of nicotine and tobacco, published in 2007 a study that measured the levels of cotinine. It is a chemical used to assess nicotine exposure in the urine of water pipe smokers. Although the authors cautioned that the amount of nicotine produced can vary depending on the design of the water pipe, type of tobacco used, burn temperature, and duration of use, the findings nevertheless are troubling. The researchers found that using a waterpipe every day produced cotinine levels that indicated a nicotine absorption rate equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

While nicotine is responsible for the addictive properties of shisha, high levels of toxic substances from shisha smoke are even more alarming. These toxic substances that can lead to numerous complications are tar and carbon monoxide. Tar, which is a dark sticky combination of hundreds of chemicals including poisons and cancer-causing substance, is responsible for causing cancers and bronchial disorders. Carbon monoxide on the other hand decreases the amount of oxygen in the body and is associated with the increased risk of heart disease.

Tobacco in any form, possess the same health risks. Whether it may be a smokeless tobacco, cigarette, cigar, bidis, or shisha, all these are associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, and cancer of the lungs, larynx, oral cavity and esophagus. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized that tobacco is the greatest cause of preventable death globally. And as published in the Global Health Risks of the World Health Organization, among the leading global risk for mortality in the world that affects all countries across in all income groups (high, middle and low), is tobacco use. It comes next to high blood pressure and second in rank, as shown in the graph and table below.

The graph shows the deaths attributed to 19 leading risks factors by country income level. (Published in Global Health Risks of the World Health Organization, 2004).


The table shows the 10 leading risk factor causes of death by income group. (Published in the Global Health Risks of the World Health Organization, 2004).

Due to the harmful effects of tobacco smoking, the use of deception and disguise by the makers and marketers of tobacco products seems to know no bounds, and the number of new products in the pipeline is escalating, according to the World Health Organization. WHO also added that products like cigarette filters, which claims ranging from an improved health to whiter teeth, smokeless tobacco products marketed with claims of purity and negligible harm and new high-technology products that bear little resemblance to conventional tobacco products. Also, the ancient products traditionally used in selected regions, such as water pipes, kreteks and bidis, are sweeping the world under the allure of their exotic appeal and illusions of relative safety.

And while these tobacco companies continue with its marketing campaign for a safer and less harmful smoke, shisha smokers will more likely continue to increase and young individuals will continue to believe that shisha is the safer alternative to cigarette smoking, unless of course additional research will be done for thorough understanding on the risks and health effects of shisha or water pipe smoking. But right now, consumption of tobacco in any form is far from being safe. There is no such thing as safe smoking. Protect yourself. Save your life!