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Quit Shisha

Some possible measures to quit shisha:

Trend of smoking shisha is increasing day by day globally and even more in Europe. Initially it was used by elderly people and was considered as a tradition but now the concept has entirely changed. It is smoked more commonly among youth. Almost every college and university student smoke shisha as fashion. However smoking shisha is considered dangerous to health as compared to all other forms of smoking. And in accordance to British Health Foundation, smoking shisha is more dangerous as compared to cigarettes.

1. Enlist threats caused by shisha

Firstly write down the pros and cons of shisha smoking like, it is a major source of cancer, hypertension and diabetes. These are very dangerous diseases. No one is ready to be a victim of such diseases. These diseases may result because smoke from shisha contains various deleterious materials like nicotine.

2. Prepare yourself firmly

First, decide enthusiastically and firmly to quit. It can only be done in a better way if smoker is fully aware about the disadvantages of smoking.

3. Select an appropriate replacement therapy.

Whenever smokers feel some addiction, take candies, chocolates, chewing gums, carrots and even fruits in order to combat the crave for smoking.

4. Share your shisha quitting date with family.

Once decided to quit shisha, share your decision with your family, your fast and sincere friends who can remind you if you started shisha again unfortunately.

5. Prepare yourself to enjoy good quality of life

As it poses multiple risks to life and makes life miserable, try to keep in mind that good health can only be enjoyed by quitting shisha. As everyone in this world has the right to celebrate good health so why not keep oneself away from shisha.

6. Follow a pre-planned schedule

Life is actually the name of a planned series. Every person comes in this world as a child and after passing few steps he/she becomes an adult. It means always try to follow a schedule. When you decide to quit shisha, make an easy schedule. Don’t quit suddenly, rather try to change your habit of smoking shisha slowly because if you stop shisha smoking suddenly it will increase the chances of recurrence.

7. Sell your shisha

Selling personal shisha is the best and ultimate solution to quit smoking. Try to change your company in which you mostly smoke. Or if you cannot change your company, then at least change the time of visiting your friends.

8. Do exercise daily at time of shisha smoking

Exercise is considered as the key to solution of all problems. Do exercise regularly and it will help in quitting shisha. Exercise keeps individuals active and healthy as mostly people smoke shisha for the sake of activeness and improved alertness.

9. Set an ultimate goal of “why to quit shisha”

Set an ultimate goal of why you are quitting shisha; whether you want to enjoy a quality of life. Or whether you want to make your environment pollution free; or whether you don’t want to expose your family to the diseases caused by shisha smoking.

10. Tag yourself a non-smoker

As non-smoker is considered a good person as compared to a smoker so try to tag yourself a valuable person of the society.

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Shisha smoking- The truth about the harms

Most of us enjoy smoking from those gorgeous looking water based pipes; relaxing in the company of shisha for an hour or two, giving little thought to what it can do to our body. Though shisha may be flavoured with your favourite fruits, it is basically tobacco that you smoke and it is toxic. If you regard shisha as just another form of smoking, with low risks, read on to know more about the ill effects of shisha. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report shows that shisha smoking leads to some very serious health hazards. Studies show that smoking shisha is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes at a stretch.

The liquid that you smoke is composed of flavoured tobacco and molasses. Molasses is responsible for the temptingly sweet taste and the clear cut smell. Flavours vary from rose to licorice to double apple. As inviting as it may sound, it is a shocking fact that the amount of tobacco the liquid contains is very high. Studies indicate that 45 minutes of shisha smoking is as good as smoking 50 cigarettes and the levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in your body will be exceptionally high. In fact, it is twice the levels of carbon monoxide and thrice the levels of nicotine when compared to the levels of these chemicals from 50 cigarettes.

These high levels of carbon monoxide may result in unconsciousness and brain damage. Shisha also exposes you to chemicals such as cadmium that is known to cause cancer. The reduction of tobacco causes the glycerine levels to shoot, which can poison your body. Though shisha does not comprise of harmful additives, the compounds present in it when burnt, release several toxic compounds, some of which cause cancer. Pregnant mothers who smoke shisha are under the risk of delivering underweight babies with breathing problems.

Long term risks of shisha include high risk of cancer, especially cancer of the mouth, gums and lungs. Youth workers from NHS Stop Smoking Services, Leicester, point out that sharing the pipe during smoking, could spread certain viral and bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and herpes infections. It is therefore un-hygienic practice. According to Dr. Bassam Mahboub, physician and Vice Chairman, the Emirates Respiratory Society, shisha increases your blood pressure, thereby increasing your risks of heart attack. He also specifies that the pipe carries smoke directly to the inner areas of your lungs, causing serious harm.

The WHO report reveals that shisha fosters addiction and it also has passive smoking effects, just like cigarettes. Tobacco in the liquid is present in an evaporated form and some studies show that the by-products from the evaporation process, which is stimulated by coal, increases your exposure to toxic substances. All these reports indicate the fact that shisha smoking is life threatening. It is not a safe substitute to cigarette smoking as people presume and there is no evidence to prove that the water filter used in shisha can reduce the exposure to the toxic chemicals.

Smoking in general is injurious and there is no safe way to smoke. If you are a shisha smoker, it is high time you quit this deadly practice. Quit shisha and improve your personal health.

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Effective ways to quit Shisha

Shisha is also known as Hookah. It is a single or sometimes multi stemmed instrument used for smoking tobacco (especially flavored tobacco). An average session of Shisha is equivalent to smoking more than a hundred times of an average cigarette. It increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, gum diseases, oral cancer and other harmful diseases. High nicotine consumption through Shisha may decrease fertility as well.

Effective ways to quit Shisha

There are several ways to quit Shisha. However, it is important to suppress the urge to smoke. Quitting Shisha is a lot easier with relaxed body and high energy levels. There are certain factors which trigger the urge to smoke Shisha and it is very crucial to eliminate the factors that trigger it. It is very important to keep benefits of quitting in mind to ease the process.

1. Curbing the urge – Try to curb the urge of smoking Shisha. Wait for 15 minutes to delay the urge. It usually suppresses the urge to smoke especially at a party. Snack healthy instead of smoking Shisha. It may be very tempting to smoke Shisha at parties or get together with friends. However, chances of smoking Shisha are much reduced if the urge is delayed.

2. Healthy diet – Include fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy in diet to control smoking Shisha. A healthy diet maintains the energy levels in the body. Vegetables like broccoli or spinach are very high in magnesium which relaxes and calms the body. Similarly, fruits rich in Vitamin C like Oranges, papaya or bananas and dairy products influence the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin relaxes and calms the body. Healthy diet also keeps the energy levels high which is important to quit shisha effectively.

3. Sugar free chewing gums – Try chewing sugar free gums to quit smoking shisha. Carry a few hard candies or chewing gums while partying. Chewing gums helps to suppress the urge of smoking shisha. Chewing gums or hard candies create distraction which helps to quit shisha.

4. Counseling and Support groups – Join counseling or support groups especially with a therapist to quit shisha. Talking to an expert and close friends builds the support system to quit shisha. It helps in sharing best practices to quit shisha as well. Therapy sessions help in building confidence and motivation to quit shisha.

5. Exercise – Exercise and sports are very important in quitting shisha. Sports and exercises relieve stress which is very important in quitting Shisha. Exercises are very good for the body and over all well-being which increase the confidence to quit smoking.

6. Commitment – It is very important to be focused on quitting Shisha. It requires a lot of commitment and conviction to quit Shisha.  Shisha is very harmful to health and it is very important not to lose the focus to quit Shisha. Eliminate the temptation to smoke by concentrating on the benefits of quitting. It is very important to stay motivated.

Quitting Shisha is difficult however it can be done with the right attitude and commitment.

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The Benefits of Quitting Shisha Smoking

Smoking shisha (also known as hookah, goza, narghile, hubble bubble or hubbly bubbly) is dangerous; it can kill you and that is the truth; not immediately, no, but in time – yes. It may sound harmless and even taste fruity and herbal but there is nothing benevolent about this habit. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), a typical hour session of shisha smoking involves inhaling 100 to 200 times more smoke than when smoking a single cigarette.

Some of the benefits of quitting shisha can be experienced immediately. Here are a few of the rewards you can look forward to once you quit smoking shisha.

Live Longer

balancedEvery cell in your body becomes compromised when you smoke and all the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes are relevant here too. In addition, because a pipe is often shared, this leaves one open to possibly contracting diseases like Tuberculosis and Hepatitus. By quitting, you prolong your life and give yourself every chance to enjoy greater health.

An epidemiological study of doctors compared 34 000 smokers with a similar group of non-smokers. The results showed that the smoker’s lifespan is reduced by an average of 6.5 years. Although that study was for cigarette smoking, it very well could be more for shisha smoking

Increase your Quality of Life

Shisha smoking involves taking in huge quantities of carbon monoxide. In fact, Paul Hooper, from The Warwickshire Primary Care Trust confirms that smoking shisha is similar to breathing in carbon monoxide fumes directly from a motor vehicle’s exhaust. This is because of the burning of the coal involved with smoking shisa. However, once you stop, the carbon monoxide level in your body will return to normal within a day on average. Within a few months, your vascular system and circulation will improve and your lung function will improve.

Reduce Health Risks and Diseases

Smoking pollutes every single cell in your body but stopping soon reverses most of the damage, so it is never too late to stop. You will improve your ability to taste foods and drinks…and your ability to smell various aromas will become elevated too.

Smoking opens one up to many diseases as mentioned earlier: it is also a notorious carcinogen. After ten years of quitting smoking your risk of developing lung cancer will be 50% less that of a smoker. One year later, your risk of a heart attack will have decreased by 50%. Five to ten years later, your risk of stroke will have decreased to that of a smoker.

Improve your Finances

A great benefit or reward of quitting a bad habit is often an almost immediate improvement in your finances. The money you would have used in smoking shisha and the socializing connected with it, you can put towards some other form of reward for yourself. Perhaps pay off a credit card or buy that item/service you have been eyeing for so long. The opportunities are endless.

Decrease your Carbon Footprint

Quitting shisha is not only good for you and your loved ones, but also for the environment. Due to the high percentage of carbon monoxide released when smoking shisha in particular, you will be limiting environmental pollution. You will be offsetting your carbon footprint in a significant way and greening your environment indirectly.

In conclusion, smoking shisha is not a healthier form of smoking.  In fact, it is proving to be an even more harmful form of smoking. Quitting will help you save your life, the life of others and the environment: in this case quitting is definitely winning.

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Dangers of Shisha pipe for its users

Shisha Pipe is one of the dangerous things that can create health concerns for people as it produce high levels of carbon monoxide. Smoking through a shisha pipe is similar to that of sniffing the smoke released by the car exhaust. This tells that shisha is more dangerous than cigarette or any other tobacco products in the market. Many medical organizations and institutions have researched on these pipes for making out the side effects and dangers of smoking it. Study and research made by those medical and healthcare instructions have revealed deadly facts about this shisha pipe and cautioned smokers. Though it is an effective means of coping, it is a dangerous activity that causes serious danger to life and cause serious health concerns.

People can observe that many individuals smoke tobacco products for relieving themselves from depression and stress but the fact is that they are causing dangers for their health. Arguably, smoking shisha pipe is perhaps the effective means of coping that acts as stress buster and relieves depressions. However, there are few other effective means of coping that can relieve stress and depression like keeping yourself busy all the time, participating yourself in various activities and events, regular exercises and through counseling. However, the concerning fact is that these shisha pipes are offered in various clubs and shisha houses, also in restaurants by looking at the demand for these pipes.
Many of the shisha cafes are responding to the demand of these pipes where people love to have a puff of smoke and relieve themselves from all tensions and pressure. It is a fact that many people and smokers believe that there is very less danger by smoking through a shisha pipe but they ignore the fact that it is shared between many people. It has only one mouth piece and it is shared between several people that can cause serious diseases and disorders. It also causes several diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis, and various other heart diseases. One of the most dangerous facts is that diseases can be transmitted between people who share the mouth piece of shisha pipe. It will also lead smokers to get affected with cancer disease, which is the most dangerous disease that requires expensive medication.

One of the dangerous facts about shisha pipe is that it contains nicotine that is 36 more time of that in a cigarette. This will lead a person towards addiction and will make it hard for smokers to quit this deadly addiction. Though it produces pleasant feelings and proves to be effective means of coping, it harms the health condition of individuals. It causes several diseases like cancer, tuberculosis and hepatitis. It also transmits diseases of one person to another person through mouthpiece. People who want to withdraw this addiction may have to suffer side effects like anxiety, hostility, mood swing, nausea and various other disorders. These are withdrawal symptoms and cause more health complications to the smokers. Hence, it is important to stay away from these deadly habits so that it would help them to prevent several complications and consequences.

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