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The Importance of Quitting from Smoking Shisha

Each year, thousands of people die due to illnesses that are developed from smoking shisha. In fact, smoking-related ailments account for the largest number of preventable causes of death throughout the world.

It easy to say quit smoking for someone who does not smoke, but for smokers, it is hard to quit. But perhaps, they have not even thought of quitting?
To enlighten the smokers, here are some of the benefits of quitting from smoking shisha:

• Embarrassment can be avoided if you quit from smoking shisha. Lots of non–smokers dislike the smell of smoke, note the polite coughs and the clearing of throats by non-smokers who don’t believe you should be smoking either. An immediate result when you quit is we get rid of the smell – both the smoking-smell and the post-smoking smells. It is noted that the smell of smoke, like any smoke, clings to clothes as well as stains teeth and causes bad breath. It is also the culprit of making the dominant holding-fingers yellow and smoked-smelling. This can be unnoticeable to someone who smokes, but is a bother for others who do not smoke.

• A person who quits smoking shisha will eventually have a normal pulse rate and blood pressure reading with noticeable effects in just a day after stopping. And the levels of carbon monoxide in the ex-smoker’s blood stream will go back to the normal range; elimination of smoker’s breath is an added bonus when one quits.

• If you quit from smoking shisha you will free from many diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis heart diseases and other diseases coming from smoking shisha. No matter how much or how long you’ve smoked, when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease and stroke starts to drop. In time your risk will be about the same as if you’d never smoked.

No matter how much or how long you’ve smoked, when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease and stroke starts to drop. If you smoke, you have good reason to worry about its effect on your health, your loved ones and others. When you quit, you reduce that risk tremendously.

If you quit smoke you can also save money, why? It is because instead of buying shisha or hookah, you can now keep your money and use your money in useful ways. This is a benefit on the side of abandoning your old habit. You can also save your life because you are set free from illnesses caused by smoking.

Significant other effects include: burning up 200 calories in a day, increasing body metabolism, and suppresses appetite. When you quit smoking, a gain weight between 5 and 10 pounds during the first few months of cessation is normal.

Harmful effects of smoking shisha

Humans tend to have differences in terms of personality, likes, dislikes and interests. This may vary from one person to another. Sometimes you choose friends, who are at the same personality, like as your or sometimes completely the opposite. In any of these social circles, smoking has always caught interest since the dawn of humanity.

Even though people know the harmful effects of smoking shisha they still get hooked into it. In order to understand the effects of shisha we need to learn all about the chemicals that are found in shisha. Shisha contains very toxic ingredients include Tobacco, tar carbon monoxide, nicotine , rare heavy metals and some cancer causing chemicals. Everybody doesn’t know, the water that passes does not dissolve any toxic chemical meaning the all the toxic coming from shisha is inhaled.

According to recent research by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is estimated that a smoker inhales half a litre of smoke per cigarette, while a shisha smoke can take in anything from just under a sixth of a litre to as much as a litre of smoke per inhalation. Not only is the smoker prone to the harmful effects of shisha smoking it also harm non- smokers. Non-smokers also get diseases coming from second hand smoke, like in the case of their parents or friends who do smoke. Here is a list of diseases caused by smoking shisha:

•  Heart diseases

•  Respiratory problems

•  Lung cancer

•  Asthma

•  Cancer of the veins

•  Pneumonia

•  Premature delivery of baby — also causes respiratory diseases in the newborn baby

However, while many health experts agree on the harmful effects of shisha smoking, there are those who say that its long-term effects have not been properly researched. Also, they claim that shisha smoke is actually 30 times less concentrated in certain chemicals than cigarette smoke.

So if you don’t smoke shisha, it may be better if you didn’t hang around a shisha lounge. And if you do smoke shisha, perhaps it would be better to consider quitting.

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Factors Why People Smoke Shisha

A while back, I saw this news regarding a kid who smokes and he is only two years old. No one should even smoke at such a young age. The kid’s father taught him how to smoke and he is not even aware how serious it is to when it comes to the health of the kid.

Believe it or not smoking is a part of any culture. There are millions of smokers throughout the world, who are not even aware of the harmful effects of smoking to their own body or even to others. I always asked myself, “Why do people smoke?” Whatever the type of smokes one prefers, one should be very aware of the implications of their choice.

Shisha smoking is growing popularity around the world but experts say that every single of shisha session are equivalent to 200 sticks of cigarettes. Despite the serious effects of shisha smoking to one’s health, many are fine with it. Some even say that they can’t live without taking a puff of smoke. Smoking is an addictive drug in more ways than one.

Here are some reasons why people smoke shisha:

Young people want to look mature; they want to be in the circle of friends or even as an experiment. Since young people watch older people smoke everywhere, they think it is good and even cool. Seeing family members smoke nudges these easily-influenced younger generations.

Most people smoke for reasons such as stress and pressure because of work or problem. They may be unemployed or unsatisfied with their work. And still others might be dealing with difficult relationships and smoking gets the pressure off their system, without accounting the health implications of their actions.

There are people who smoke shisha because they want to control their weight. Some people want to lose weight and they think that a way of losing weight is through smoking. People who smoke loses appetite as it lessen the taste and smell when it comes to food.

Smokers feel relaxed and think that smoking gives them energy at stressful times in life.

But despite these reasons we cannot deny the fact that smoking shisha is a dangerous gamble to your health.  It has been scientifically proven that smoking leads to different kinds of diseases such as lung cancer, halitosis, tuberculosis and many others. Shisha smoking has accounted for numerous deaths throughout history.

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Emergency appointment with my doctor helped me quit shisha

I started smoking Shisha couple of years ago to socialize with friends. At that time I thought that Shisha’s a lot better than smoking Cigarettes and hardly has any health hazards. First I only use to smoke occasionally when I went out with friends to Shisha Cafes but soon after I decided to buy my own Shisha for home as found the different Tobacco flavours really enjoyable to smoke.

Once I had my own shisha I started smoking a lot more frequently like every other day. I would look forward to coming home after a long day and relaxing with with my shisha pipe while watching my favorite programs on TV. This was my routine for about two weeks and then I started noticing my health dropping considerably. My family would tell me in the mornings that I was coughing really loud all night long but at first I thought it cant be that bad and still carried on smoking. I would get tired really quickly and would run out of breath just walking up the stairs. When normally I could run up and down the stairs fifty times before being out of breath. Slowly my cough got really loud and chesty. I did stop smoking as soon as I realised that my health’s getting a lot worse but I admit it was a bit late.

I made an emergency appointment with my doctor and got a right lecture when I made the mistake of telling my doctor that I’ve been smoking Shisha. I was prescribed antibiotic for my cough and chest infection. My cough was so loud and persistent that I was housebound for two weeks and was off sick from work. The two weeks felt like two years not being able to do anything and being off work for so long had a negative impact on my sick record. As I was working through an agency and was not on a permanent contract I was very close to loosing my job but after getting the union involved my job was saved.

I have since completely given up smoking shisha and would advise everyone else to do the same but before going through everything I went through. My life is a lot healthier physically and spiritually.

Good luck to all friends out there trying to come away from this bad bad “socializing” trap.

“Health is not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing.”

Best wishes,


x-Shisha Smoker

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How to quit Shisha

Many people are seeking ways of actually quitting the smoking of Shisha. May be you are one of them. A reason for this could be you have either discovered or realized the dangers associated with smoking the same.  This article is aimed at giving you a guideline on how to quit shisha. When you finish reading you will discover that quitting shisha is not as hard as you may have thought.

It matters not whether you have been a long term or short term smoker. It is very possible to achieve this dream. These guidelines will just work well for you in your quest on how to quit shisha.

Attitude is a very vital aspect in quitting the use of anything that you don’t like such as drugs. This works in the same way for shisha. Establishing an appropriate attitude is one of the ways of how to quit shisha. A determination regarding anything that would be best for a healthy living is necessary. It is quite probable that you have your own good reasons for living a tobacco-free life. A determination such as the use of a proper timetable will help you in achieving this. You also need positive thinking throughout the process of quitting shisha. You can do it. Others have also done it. Never let yourself out of the right way. Encourage yourself that you are going to make it because you are going to make it. Be patient too. Some people have found it stressful quitting smoking shisha, some find it uncomfortable to quit but with a little patience you can make it.

Support from other people is also a vital aspect when it comes to quitting shisha. Freely talk to your family members and genuine friends who will show you how to quit shisha. You will discover that some of them have actually done the same and are as of now leading a healthier life. They have a life experience on the same. Among them you are likely to find those who will genuinely give you answers as regards your questions is this good process of quitting shisha.

Professional counseling is also helpful in this case. Smoking shisha is in most cases a behavioral aspect and a professional counselor will give proper advice and even additional guidelines on how to quit shisha. These are people who have a vast knowledge in the field either through learning or experience and are thus very useful.

There are online forums on how to quit shisha too. These could be a good avenue for finding answers to you questions. You will find other people in the same situation like you. You will encourage one another and also get help from those who have actually worked it out or just giving you advice that they think work best for you. Feel free to share with others on your own experience and progress.

Physical exercises are another vital ingredient in quitting the smoking of shisha. Your brain, heart, blood, muscles and even bones are all stimulated in the process of exercising. This leaves you a good sense of pleasure. It also helps you get occupied with an activity that helps you forget about shisha and at the same time keep you body alive. The only concern here may be the fact that since you have been smoking, it would be wise to engage in light exercises first. Increase the tempo as your health improves. Participating in sports or other cleaning activities will keep you active the exhaustion of which won’t give you time for smoking shisha.

There are some activities, places or situations that trigger one into smoking. These may include things like stress or depression. Some people turn to smoking shisha when in such situations. It would be wise to find other positive means of avoiding the stress for example watching a nice movie, going swimming or playing golf with friends. Friends who smoke shisha may also trigger you into smoking. Don’t make enemies with them but for a while it will be good for you to avoid them. You can make yourself too busy to engage in smoking with them. Instead be close to those friends who will show you how to quit shisha. Attend social functions with your objective of quitting shisha in mind. Don’t let any activity that leads to smoking shisha at the function take control of you. Excusing youself during such activities will be helpful. Avoid boredom as this also triggers the smoking of shisha. If you are idle you are likely to end up doing so. Therefore find an activity that will keep you busy.

Last but not least, eating a good diet is good for anyone trying to quit shisha. Fruits and dairy products have serotonin which is well known for the calming effect it has on people. This is vital in helping you calm down especially when you are stressed up. Vegetables make you even more focused hence draw you away from the thoughts of shisha smoking.

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