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Effective ways to quit Shisha

Shisha is also known as Hookah. It is a single or sometimes multi stemmed instrument used for smoking tobacco (especially flavored tobacco). An average session of Shisha is equivalent to smoking more than a hundred times of an average cigarette. It increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, gum diseases, oral cancer and other harmful diseases. High nicotine consumption through Shisha may decrease fertility as well.

Effective ways to quit Shisha

There are several ways to quit Shisha. However, it is important to suppress the urge to smoke. Quitting Shisha is a lot easier with relaxed body and high energy levels. There are certain factors which trigger the urge to smoke Shisha and it is very crucial to eliminate the factors that trigger it. It is very important to keep benefits of quitting in mind to ease the process.

1. Curbing the urge – Try to curb the urge of smoking Shisha. Wait for 15 minutes to delay the urge. It usually suppresses the urge to smoke especially at a party. Snack healthy instead of smoking Shisha. It may be very tempting to smoke Shisha at parties or get together with friends. However, chances of smoking Shisha are much reduced if the urge is delayed.

2. Healthy diet – Include fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy in diet to control smoking Shisha. A healthy diet maintains the energy levels in the body. Vegetables like broccoli or spinach are very high in magnesium which relaxes and calms the body. Similarly, fruits rich in Vitamin C like Oranges, papaya or bananas and dairy products influence the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin relaxes and calms the body. Healthy diet also keeps the energy levels high which is important to quit shisha effectively.

3. Sugar free chewing gums – Try chewing sugar free gums to quit smoking shisha. Carry a few hard candies or chewing gums while partying. Chewing gums helps to suppress the urge of smoking shisha. Chewing gums or hard candies create distraction which helps to quit shisha.

4. Counseling and Support groups – Join counseling or support groups especially with a therapist to quit shisha. Talking to an expert and close friends builds the support system to quit shisha. It helps in sharing best practices to quit shisha as well. Therapy sessions help in building confidence and motivation to quit shisha.

5. Exercise – Exercise and sports are very important in quitting shisha. Sports and exercises relieve stress which is very important in quitting Shisha. Exercises are very good for the body and over all well-being which increase the confidence to quit smoking.

6. Commitment – It is very important to be focused on quitting Shisha. It requires a lot of commitment and conviction to quit Shisha.  Shisha is very harmful to health and it is very important not to lose the focus to quit Shisha. Eliminate the temptation to smoke by concentrating on the benefits of quitting. It is very important to stay motivated.

Quitting Shisha is difficult however it can be done with the right attitude and commitment.

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Shisha and its Negative Effects

Shisha as well as hookah smoking entails a water line which has a bowl, smoke holding chamber and hose pipe. A unique kind of tobacco is burned up within the holding chamber, and smoke goes up through water within the bowl prior to it being inhaled through the water pipe. cautions the tobacco utilized in shisha smoking is harmful. Shisha people who smoke may breathe much more tobacco smoke as compared to from the cigarette due to the bigger pipes employed. Shisha smoking triggers several negative effects.


As with smoking cigarettes, shisha smoking carries the chance of addiction, resulting in everyday use. The CDC and Prevention underlines which shisha includes tobacco, pure nicotine along with other chemicals making it obsessive. Nicotine gets to the human brain in just Around 10 sec after breathing. For that reason, addiction can happen after even a couple of times of using shisha. Distressing drawback signs and symptoms from avoiding shisha cigarette smoking include discomfort, exhaustion, headaches, pain as well as depression symptoms.


The misunderstanding about shisha tobacco is that it must be much less harmful to the human body as compared to smoking cigarettes, since the tobacco is breathed in through water. Nevertheless, points out that shisha smoke also includes tar residue, deadly carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds along with other toxic chemical substances. These types of chemicals may be cancer causing (cancer-causing) within the body. Shisha smoking could raise the chance of cancers, especially of the lips, mouth area, tongue, throat as well as lungs.

Asthma as well as Health issues

The large degree of smoke through shisha might also cause chemical substance discomfort of the lung area, resulting in or deteriorating allergy-induced bronchial asthma. Even in people who are not vulnerable to bronchial asthma, the toxic chemical substances inside the smoke can bother and irritate the liner of your nasal pathways, throat and mouth and bring about allergy symptoms by the defense mechanisms. The Singapore Health Marketing Board notes which, as with cigarette smoke, actually second hand shisha smoke may cause harmful effects in your body which may result in illness.Reported by recent surveys, the actual pipe could behave as a great medium with regard to promoting bacteria leading to contagious diseases such as hepatitis A that may be easily carried once the shisha pipe is utilized through several tobacco users.

Based on the WHO, studies reach to the level that shisha is much more harmful than cigarette smoking or pipe cigarette smoking. One is acquiring more smoke cigarettes with the shisha than whenever using tobacco stick. Breathing in the smoke in the hubble-bubble is much like inhaling poisonous unwanted gas and substances along with some chemical toxins, thus ultimately causing lung and cardiovascular issues. The water inside the water pipe doesn’t filter the actual smoke, even though it will soak up nicotine.

The actual smoke through the cigarettes is cooled down because it passes by way of a water-filled cup bowl and then breathed in by way of a flexible pipe. The water within the dish behaves as barriers which are more dangerous substance within tobacco: Tar. Tar residue consists of all the mutagenic as well as extremely dangerous agents within tobacco smoke, such as polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons (PAH), which usually in smoking is created from the procedure for peroxidation and that causes the response in tobacco which aids the development of the actual tar as well as the transporting of nicotine. This doesn’t appear in shisha pipes, because the process is avoided in water because of saturation of the hydrocarbons within their gaseous state.

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The Benefits of Quitting Shisha Smoking

Smoking shisha (also known as hookah, goza, narghile, hubble bubble or hubbly bubbly) is dangerous; it can kill you and that is the truth; not immediately, no, but in time – yes. It may sound harmless and even taste fruity and herbal but there is nothing benevolent about this habit. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), a typical hour session of shisha smoking involves inhaling 100 to 200 times more smoke than when smoking a single cigarette.

Some of the benefits of quitting shisha can be experienced immediately. Here are a few of the rewards you can look forward to once you quit smoking shisha.

Live Longer

balancedEvery cell in your body becomes compromised when you smoke and all the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes are relevant here too. In addition, because a pipe is often shared, this leaves one open to possibly contracting diseases like Tuberculosis and Hepatitus. By quitting, you prolong your life and give yourself every chance to enjoy greater health.

An epidemiological study of doctors compared 34 000 smokers with a similar group of non-smokers. The results showed that the smoker’s lifespan is reduced by an average of 6.5 years. Although that study was for cigarette smoking, it very well could be more for shisha smoking

Increase your Quality of Life

Shisha smoking involves taking in huge quantities of carbon monoxide. In fact, Paul Hooper, from The Warwickshire Primary Care Trust confirms that smoking shisha is similar to breathing in carbon monoxide fumes directly from a motor vehicle’s exhaust. This is because of the burning of the coal involved with smoking shisa. However, once you stop, the carbon monoxide level in your body will return to normal within a day on average. Within a few months, your vascular system and circulation will improve and your lung function will improve.

Reduce Health Risks and Diseases

Smoking pollutes every single cell in your body but stopping soon reverses most of the damage, so it is never too late to stop. You will improve your ability to taste foods and drinks…and your ability to smell various aromas will become elevated too.

Smoking opens one up to many diseases as mentioned earlier: it is also a notorious carcinogen. After ten years of quitting smoking your risk of developing lung cancer will be 50% less that of a smoker. One year later, your risk of a heart attack will have decreased by 50%. Five to ten years later, your risk of stroke will have decreased to that of a smoker.

Improve your Finances

A great benefit or reward of quitting a bad habit is often an almost immediate improvement in your finances. The money you would have used in smoking shisha and the socializing connected with it, you can put towards some other form of reward for yourself. Perhaps pay off a credit card or buy that item/service you have been eyeing for so long. The opportunities are endless.

Decrease your Carbon Footprint

Quitting shisha is not only good for you and your loved ones, but also for the environment. Due to the high percentage of carbon monoxide released when smoking shisha in particular, you will be limiting environmental pollution. You will be offsetting your carbon footprint in a significant way and greening your environment indirectly.

In conclusion, smoking shisha is not a healthier form of smoking.  In fact, it is proving to be an even more harmful form of smoking. Quitting will help you save your life, the life of others and the environment: in this case quitting is definitely winning.

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Dangers of Shisha pipe for its users

Shisha Pipe is one of the dangerous things that can create health concerns for people as it produce high levels of carbon monoxide. Smoking through a shisha pipe is similar to that of sniffing the smoke released by the car exhaust. This tells that shisha is more dangerous than cigarette or any other tobacco products in the market. Many medical organizations and institutions have researched on these pipes for making out the side effects and dangers of smoking it. Study and research made by those medical and healthcare instructions have revealed deadly facts about this shisha pipe and cautioned smokers. Though it is an effective means of coping, it is a dangerous activity that causes serious danger to life and cause serious health concerns.

People can observe that many individuals smoke tobacco products for relieving themselves from depression and stress but the fact is that they are causing dangers for their health. Arguably, smoking shisha pipe is perhaps the effective means of coping that acts as stress buster and relieves depressions. However, there are few other effective means of coping that can relieve stress and depression like keeping yourself busy all the time, participating yourself in various activities and events, regular exercises and through counseling. However, the concerning fact is that these shisha pipes are offered in various clubs and shisha houses, also in restaurants by looking at the demand for these pipes.
Many of the shisha cafes are responding to the demand of these pipes where people love to have a puff of smoke and relieve themselves from all tensions and pressure. It is a fact that many people and smokers believe that there is very less danger by smoking through a shisha pipe but they ignore the fact that it is shared between many people. It has only one mouth piece and it is shared between several people that can cause serious diseases and disorders. It also causes several diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis, and various other heart diseases. One of the most dangerous facts is that diseases can be transmitted between people who share the mouth piece of shisha pipe. It will also lead smokers to get affected with cancer disease, which is the most dangerous disease that requires expensive medication.

One of the dangerous facts about shisha pipe is that it contains nicotine that is 36 more time of that in a cigarette. This will lead a person towards addiction and will make it hard for smokers to quit this deadly addiction. Though it produces pleasant feelings and proves to be effective means of coping, it harms the health condition of individuals. It causes several diseases like cancer, tuberculosis and hepatitis. It also transmits diseases of one person to another person through mouthpiece. People who want to withdraw this addiction may have to suffer side effects like anxiety, hostility, mood swing, nausea and various other disorders. These are withdrawal symptoms and cause more health complications to the smokers. Hence, it is important to stay away from these deadly habits so that it would help them to prevent several complications and consequences.

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Shocking Facts about Shisha Smoking

Shisha smoking which has been a favorite pass time activity mostly in the Middle East and South East Asia for countless decades has now started becoming popular in the UK, the USA and everywhere else on the globe for that matter. It is perfectly normal and in order to find hordes of men sited in a circle on the evenings inhaling scented tobacco and deeply involved in stimulating discussions in most parts of the world.

The humble origins which are surrounded by mystery and controversy seem to date back to the mid 1500′s when the Indians who had recently been introduced to the culture of smoking by their British colonialists first came across this “new fad”.

However, the Indians especially those in the nobility classes were a bit skeptic and apprehensive at first to using this substance that claimed to posses the charming ability and magic that soothed and calmed the mind-body and spirit. It was not until a physician came up with a new concept to inhale smoke, which was viewed to be pure and cooler. His ingenious proposal to safeguard them from the after-math of smoking was to pass the smoke flavored with fruits and molasses through water to cool it and also give it a smooth-richer taste. As smoking became more prevalent the crude device the physician had come up with continued to be enhanced and improved. It has now come to be known as a Hookah. The tobacco is flavored with fruits and so many more other ingredients in the cafes’ and restaurants that have been sprouting up around every corner in the big cities.

Contrary to the popular belief, Shisha smoke is a potent health hazard in the same bracket as cigarettes. Many out there especially the youths have been lured in by a false, fictitious belief that subscribes to the school of thought that since this smoke passes through the water to cool it and is mostly free from most of the carcinogens particles, which cause all the health related complications in conventional smokers.

Now we are well aware of more than one research finding, which have demonstrated that Shisha smoking is even more dangerous than cigarettes. The experts have gone ahead and made their case by citing the extended periods of time the smokers spend per sitting, the uncouth and unhealthy tendencies to share the mouth piece exacerbates the risk of tuberculosis and other bacterial infections like Herpes. They also remind us that the other people who happen to be around the smokers are exposed to extremely high levels of second-hand smoke.

Therefore, it would be prudent to assume that a Shisha smoker inhales more smoke filled with nicotine and carcinogens that will open the way forward to a whole barrage of lifestyle associated conditions like diabetes, tuberculosis, high blood pressures and many forms of cancers than a Marlboro smoker will. This sentiments were echoed in an article published by the New York Times where the vice president of the American Lung Association explicitly disproved the misleading myths that point to Shisha being a better option as compared to cigarettes and goes ahead to add that the top priority for his association is to see to it that legislation against Shisha smoking is put into place as soon as possible.

Others like the independent researchers based at the Royal University of Saudi Arabia have come up with their own findings that point out that Shisha is actually 30% less concentrated than cigarette smoke.

Over the years, this issue has remained in the background obscured by the sincere efforts of the health awareness campaigns aimed at highlighting the stifling effects of cigarettes smoking. It still remains to be seen as to whether their efforts have yielded any substantive grounds in helping curb the menace of smoking but one thing is crystal clear to all: cigarette smoking is associated with poor health and pre-mature deaths not to mention the economic burden it piles on to the users and this are the reasons it has been banned in many places.

However, Shisha smoking remains under the radar, while in effect is just as dangerous if not more, than cigarettes. Upon this realization more and more health providers and lobbyists are pushing their relevant authorities harder to prompt them to wake up and do something before our kids in universities and our men on the street cafes and restaurant kill themselves slowly, unknowingly.

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